5 Nigerian Content Creators on YouTube that You Should Follow

The YouTube platform helps content creators grow their brand and allow them to reach in different parts of the world. It gives Nigerian YouTubers the chance to showcase their creativity, lives, skills, and educate other people. The Nigerian content creators showcase their views on different topics, using their personal experiences and research. In this post, we will share with you 5 fantastic content creators in Nigeria that you should know about and follow.

·        SISI YEMMIE

Yemisi Odusanya, popularly known as Sisi Yemmie, is a food blogger and vlogger, with over 300k subscribers and 32 million views on her YouTube food channel. She has been able to satisfy her audience with amazing videos consisting of the mixture of food with sprinkles of lifestyle on the experience of being housewife and mother. Her channel is one of the best Nigerian lifestyle vlogs you should follow. She started the channel on November 17, 2011, and has since then flourished. If you are a lover of good food and great tips about the Nigerian home or family and many other things, Sisi Yemmie is your real plug for such contents on YouTube.

·        BATTABOX

Are you a lover of street gist and underground documentations? BattaBox is an exciting channel that brings everything fun to you in bulk. The most exciting entertainment network like you’ve never seen before, they conduct regular interviews with various Nigerians. Their presenters report on reality shows, Lagos lifestyle, news, video features, Naija gist, Lagos Fashion, celebrity interviews and many more across Nigeria. The YouTube channel has over 234k subscribers and more than 75.1million views since it was created in 2011. This channel is full of comedy, energy, and entertainment.


Toke Makinwa is a Nigerian radio personality, television host, vlogger, author, and lifestyle entrepreneur. You can call her “JACK OF ALL TRADES”. She showcases beauty, fashion and a bit of her luxurious lifestyle on her YouTube channel of over 66k subscribers, 306 videos, and 7.1 million views. Toke uses her channel to counsel singles and young ladies about the dos and don’ts of a relationship using her personal experience. Since the channel was created in 2012, it has been fun and laughter galore. Toke can be said to a role model to many young ladies who desire to be independent and luxurious in Nigeria. TokeMoments is definitely a go-to channel on YouTube.


Uche Eze is a Nigerian entrepreneur who graduated with honours in her Bachelor’s Degree program in Business Administration. She founded BellaNaija and created her YouTube channel in 2006. She has over 13k subscribers and 3.6 million views. This channel is known for entertainment and lifestyle content, including music, fashion, styles in vogue, relationship, Nollywood, weddings, and event interviews. It is also a platform that provides tips on how to best plan loud and classy weddings and events. 100 per cent laughter and unlimited goose-bumps are guaranteed.


Malik Haruna King is a medical doctor, sex therapist, public speaker, vlogger and self-published author. His YouTube channel offers practical remedies for a healthy lifestyle and pleasurable sex. He provides tips that can help his audience to stay healthy, fit, and happy. Also, he helps his fans to boost their work performance and productivity. The channel, with 88k subscribers and 11.8 million views, aims to provide solution and answers to your health questions, concerns and problem. His videos are highly engaging and thought-provoking.

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