Date or Ditch? How to Tell if You Should Go for a Second Date

Many people go on dates and get different feelings. While some really appreciate the date and are happy, some others feel terribly irritated and regret why they went on that date in the first place.  

Let’s assume the first date is over, and he/she calls for a second date. However, you find yourself hesitating to give a reply. This might just be a sign that you should not go on that second date. Sometimes, though, the problem may not have resurrected from the other person. It might have been your own personal problem or any other thing. Nonetheless, there are signs to watch out for when on your first date. These signs will help you decide whether that first date should also be the last or whether there should be a couple more dates.

You cannot stop smiling

You are sitting at this diner with this nearly perfect looking lady or gentleman who you happen to be having a date with for the first time. You notice that you cannot stop yourself from smiling. This must mean that the person is exciting and very likely fun to be with. So this person says, “Hey, I had fun today. Want to do this some other time?” Shout “yes” (in your mind), then casually say, “of course, how about next week? I had fun too”. Since the person is fun to be with, you can try a second date with him/her.

You don’t think about speaking with someone else when you’re with them

If the thought of speaking with someone else pops into your head when you are on a first date with somebody, it could mean either of two things. It could mean that you are so excited about the date that you cannot wait to tell your friends. Or, the date is very boring or embarrassing, and you need somebody to rescue you from this terrible moment. If it is the former, then it should be a yes for a second date. However, if it is the latter, you may just ditch!

Neither of you looks at the phone during the date 

It is rude and utterly disrespectful for you to be distracted by your phone when on a date. If your date does this on a first date, there should not be a second date. During the date, both partners ought to show genuine interest in each other through conversations, etc.

They are pleasant and courteous to the waiter

You should go on a date with a very courteous and respectable person. Anyone who would disrespect a waiter does not deserve your attention. Because he /she just might treat you with the same disrespect. So, watch how they treat the waiters. A word is enough for the wise.

You’re hoping for a text from them the next morning

If you find yourself checking your phone for their text the next day, then it means you are really impressed by and interested in them. They are worth the try. So if they ask for another date, you can say yes without hesitation.

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