5 Important Things Men Should Do After Sex

There are three main phases when it comes to having sex – the pre-sex, during-sex, and post-sex phases. Every phase is crucial. However, many men focus so much on pre-sex and during-sex that they ignore certain key things after sex. What you do the moments after sex is as essential as what you do before sex.

Research shows that many men tend to overlook cleanliness, opportunities for connection, and unmet desires. Imagine leaving the women disgusted and unsatisfied after sex? Common, you have to do better. She deserves better, man. So, how can you do better? Continue reading to find out.

There are certain tips I would share based on research and personal experience that I believe you need to learn as a man. I would advise you to incorporate these tips into your sex life and I can assure you that your sex partner will thank you for doing so.

So, what are the tips? Below are 5 important things men should do after sex:

Don’t leave her hanging after the first round

In case you cum before, it is unfair to just leave her hanging. She deserves some orgasm too. 

So, find out if she had an orgasm during the sex. If she didn’t, go the extra mile to give her orgasm. If your penis becomes flaccid, you can offer to give her head. Don’t leave her unsatisfied. That’s not fair to her. Let her know that you will provide her with as much pleasure as she has given you.

Clean Up, Man

Cleanliness is key. No one wants to be with a dirty pig, even you. Sex can be messy sometimes – all sweaty with cum here and there. Ensure you clean up. Wash your privates. Wipe off the cum on the bed-sheets or wherever you used for the sex. Discard used condom(s). Properly wash sex toys. Don’t leave the cleaning to the woman. Both of you can clean together, or you can even clean up alone. This is a great way to bond with her. To bond more, you may decide to shower together. Play in the shower by sprinkling water at each other. Make the after-sex moment fun.

Cuddle her

I have heard stories of men giving the woman space after sex. They will roll over and even face the other side of the bed. This is crazy. It makes the woman feel used, abandoned, and lonely. Don’t do that! Except the woman doesn’t want to cuddle, ensure you cuddle her. Hold her like you don’t want to ever lose her. Ensure your sex partner feels closer you after sex. Be there for her to just hold, or talk to, or play with. Just don’t have sex and give her space. Let her feel you as close as she wants.

Ask her what she feels/felt about the sex

Although this might sound odd, it is good to know if you are meeting her sexual needs or you need to do better. Ask her if she felt pain at any point. Ask her if you were too slow or too fast. Let her know that you want her to be as honest as possible. Whatsoever she says, never use it against her. Instead, use it to improve your sex life.

Let her know how you feel/felt

Don’t just find out how she feels or felt during the sex; let her know your feelings. Let her know the sexual position you enjoyed most during sex. Let her know how good she is with the blowjob or the sex generally. Let her know that you appreciate her. Basically, compliment her until her head swells.

Thank you for reading. Do you have suggestions or comments? Kindly share them with me in the comment section. Have a beautiful sex life!

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