When Love Desires

When Love Desires - Elsieisy blog in Nigeria

By Ekpunobi Paulinus

Let my words soak in my emotion

And my thoughts be stained with the purity of love

My emotion quakes and my heart pounds

Like a dam, language blocks my feelings

But shall I depend only on the words of my mouth?

Can’t my behaviour carry the message of my heart?

Lo! It is so easy to say “I love you”

But hardest act is transmitting it

When I saw you under that apple tree, so lonely

Your eyes, I saw in them, fallen stars

They found no place suitable to settle

Than that which is heaven-like

The voice of your mouth soothes

Able to call back a dying man from underworld

Like the perfect figure of eight

Your body is perfectly structured

You have melted my stony heart

My heart pumps not blood again but emotions

My pen suffers haemorrhage

I relent no longer lest it flows away

Image source –heysigmund.com

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