#WorldPoetryDay – Stark

#WorldPoetryDay - Stark

By Ayokunle Maraiyesa

Let me stand naked before thee.Buried in your shadow, lost in flames.Let me  pull this off my bosom and watch your bulge get larger under your legs.Isn’t my bosom like the moonlight that shine tonight?Bright and full, Waiting to be touched.Aren’t your eyes like star, sparkling at the sight of my teat.Don’t clench your teeth too hard -longing to taste?Let stand stark under the dark cloud.Let my fingers work through your chest.Let your finger walk through my legs.Let the gentle breeze suppress our moans.As we chase rainbow and rape shadows.I can see the fire in your eyes.But the wetness in my well will welcome your thrust.Peer at my curve as I pose naked under the full moon.Aren’t the scars scary?Let your finger run through my soul.The depth in my soul can’t be fill by your rod, boo.Rip off my clothe, I am no virgin!Don’t rip off my soul, I am innocent.Make love to me – not fun of meLet my nakedness be not only for pleasureLet my nakedness be a sight to be treasureLet me stand plain before you with no secretsLet me stand naked, the way I amLet me stand stark, for what I am.Let me stand naked before u…… see all I am. 

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