It Doesn’t Matter Where, It Only Matters Who

It Doesn’t Matter Where, It Only Matters Who - poetry - elsieisy blog

Let’s hit the road

and head west

for a while,

or turn the compass

due north

and set sail

for the great lakes.


Let’s wake up each morning,


and talk about our dreams

before conquering the day.


Let’s catch a plane

to Egypt,

land in the middle of nowhere,

and start walking through the desert,

guided by

the siren call of the Sphinx.


Let’s write a romance novel

with our actions

in real time,

bringing all the words

we haven’t even imagined yet

to life.


Let’s take a trip

to the lushest jungle

and set up shop

in the trees,

or catch a cruise

to Italy

and lounge in the shade

by the sea.


Let’s sit and feast

for five hours straight

while I drink deeply

from your lovely eyes,

and then stroll

through the park,

hand in hand,

chatting about this and that

until we’ve solved

every subject

under the sun.


Let’s burn so bright

our hearts can’t help

but remain aflame



Let’s laugh so much

we begin to make music

with our smiles


by Scott Thomas Outlar

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