#WorldPoetryDay – The Bright Side

#WorldPoetryDay - The Bright Side

By Elijah Kehinde Gabriel

She cherished what others sees and ignored.She makes me feel so special with her time.Time ticks fast when I’m with her,Hmmm… How can time be so jealous of our company?He keeps the moment short and wanting her more when we part.I can’t wait to eliminate him so I can always be with the one my heart beats forHer smiles melts my doubt and worriesHer skin like that of an infantHer words hugs me tight with comfortHer presence delights meHer touch vibrates and charge my organs speedilyI doubt if roses is her driveI know not what this feeling isBut I think I’m in LOVECan this be true?Am I dreaming?Please pinch me to realityOh… Its real!I’m in a cage and I want to remainLet not this vehicle take me to where I feared mostBut with a sensitive thought,I watch the pilotTrusting he won’t sleep on duty

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