Happy birthday to me

Okay, so it’s my birthday today and I am so happy, in a joyous mood with so many birthday wishes (which is normal). But in it all, I took some time to analyze my life thus far. There are times when I wish I could go back to the past but then, the past has got its tons of merry and sad moments so generally the moral of life is to move on and never look back.

Today I celebrate with a decision to move on, I want to sincerely and specially thank you all my beloved readers for your supports, the comments and the critics and to those that read without commenting, I appreciate your nods and reserved comments. You all have inspired in more ways than words can express I love you all. To my Facebook Voltrons, you all rock! Thank you so much!

Ehen for my birthday celebration, I decided to give myself a treat, something different from previous birthdays (you won’t blame me for wanting change abi? We are in the change era after all). This year I took my birthday all the way down to Abuja! Yay>…. It has been celebration from the moment I landed till today, and all I have been thinking of is looking forward to another celebration so that I will revisit the FCT. I think I understand why Abuja residents won’t relocate to another city despite the bomb scare from neighboring states and even in the city too because I love understanding. Not for me though, everywhere is just too far from everywhere here and it felt like I went back to December (oh boy! Harmattan still dey here). I won’t start with my amebo today so let me zip it but seriously, the transportation system in Abuja is just awesome, imagine the distance from ogba to eleguishi for 700 (if you reside in Lagos)….aaaah! na 4000 naira for Lagos o. It’s just awesome, Lagosians need to repent!

I can’t end this write up without appreciating God for his mercies and grace in life, it has been him all the way without him there wouldn’t be Elsie and people wouldn’t have known how naughty, maybe complicated yet friendly I am.

Elsie Godwin
Elsie Godwin aka Elsieisy

Thank you Jesus! Aries Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wonderful!Great to know you enjoyed yourself.May you continue to grow from strength to strength and may your dreams come to pass.

  2. Happy birthday Elsie. I pray that God will bless you with many, many more amazing years and wonderful health to enjoy them. I see you had a great time and you deserve it for giving us such good reads with your blog. Have a blessed evening.

  3. Just as God loves and care 4 you, we love you wit all our heart. Praying that today marks D beginning of ur upliftment in a sphere of life

  4. Looked up my work schedule calender and remembered the number 13th…hmmmm..unforgettable date…with Lotta sweet memories..HBD

  5. Happy birthday, Elsie. And I feel you on that Abuja ish. The FCT is just the bomb. To think I served there n fled to Lagos thereafter, all because I wanted to be a Gidi pikin. I see the error in my ways now. *sob*

    1. Thank you walter. I dont even know what i feel for Abuja but i sure know i love Lagos

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