Would you rather marry a “Fun-Loving but Crazy Bitch” or a “Boring but Good Lady”?

This article is a sequel to; “Bitch is better than Lady?

It’s funny how guys who are nowhere close to tying the nuptial knots fall for crazy bitches that become necessary evils in their lives.

Note that a guy may see a girl as a crazy bitch that another wouldn’t see as one. It all depends on who those guys are and how much crazies they can take; that’s if they ain’t so crazy themselves.

So the term crazy bitch here depends on who is humping the bitch.

Notwithstanding, here is my understanding of who a crazy/bad bitch is:


A crazy bitch has behavioural dispositions that go against the usual norms and hardly goes out of her way to impress any man. She usually does things her own way and needs no one’s approval to enjoy life the way she deems fit.

Invariably a crazy bitch is who you would describe as the non-conventional babe.

Crazy tattoos, piercings, heightened sexual proclivities, indecent dressing, careless use of words publicly (no inhibitions on how she uses words publicly), probably contentious, curses and uses hate words often. In summary a crazy bitch exhibits moral decadence.

The aforementioned features may seem unattractive to the average man however many secretly yearn to be with such bitches especially if she’s hot (most times they are) even if it’s just for the sex.

A crazy bitch or a bad bitch views the world from a different perspective; they don’t play by the rules.

A crazy/bad bitch doesn’t have to necessarily be in a relationship or committed relationship they just screw whoever they love to and don’t feel any pang of guilt afterwards.

A crazy bitch rebels against her man and asides the physical appearance, sometimes you can hardly tell who the man is in the relationship

A crazy bitch is hot, unstable, mercurial, aggressively and intoxicatingly sexy and is adroit in her sexual orientation.

If a crazy bitch enters a relationship with a gentleman or a nice guy, she brings out the hidden demons in his life and make people question the guy’s sanity.

She has insecurities that she tries hard to conceal and tries to remain as strong willed as possible in the midst of adversities which could translate to drug abuse in some extreme cases.


A good lady hardly parties or doesn’t party at all, has high moral values and moves with her kind.

A good lady hardly drinks or doesn’t at all.

She never smokes and is of a behavior that mothers would want their daughters to emulate.

They are result oriented ladies who are careful and quite cautious with every step they take in life.

They also do not jump into a relationship with just any guy and are adopt means to either avoid or cut down life’s excessesIn summary, a good lady is all a crazy bitch isn’t and even a little extra.

Now lets weigh both sides of the coin:

A lady is usually nice almost at all times except when you step on her toes or take her for granted unlike a crazy bitch who is only nice when she wants to be, she doesn’t even wait for you to step on her toes –she does the stepping.

A lady goes out of her way to make a man feel good about himself. Albeit, a crazy bitch is just about how much fun she can get and gives her man the best treat in bed when it comes to sexual escapades and adventures. She knows all the tricks in the book as to what it takes to enjoy sex to its fullest with no holds barred.

A lady can also be all a crazy bitch is in bed just that she has boundaries and may not be so eager to explore especially when it comes to fetishes.

Back to the crux of the matter

To cope with a bad bitch you have to follow their terms and conditions and you’ve got to be really special before you can make them bend the rules. She’s got a road map that her life sojourns, anything contrary is not germane. Screw you if you don’t like who she is, she really doesn’t care.

Often times a bad bitch is physically attractive…well that’s why they do have this non-challant attitude to relationships because they know they do make an impression when they come out in public but that’s not all there is to her. If you look further you will realize that she’s got varieties and is by all standard a whole package of fun in its entirety.

Conventionally, a crazy bitch is a sorry excuse for a woman and may by some standard not be the ideal wife, girlfriend or mother.

Nonetheless, most men could secretly desire bitches though many would want a bitch with boundaries; a bitch who would know when to stop being a bitch.

No matter how sizzling a man’s affair with a crazy but fun loving bitch is, he knows when to draw the line if it’s just for the moment.

So, In response to the arguments raised last week:

Yes! There are many guys who hang out and exploit life’s misadventure with a bad bitch yet hang on to a real lady.

Guys that enjoy sex with crazy bitches yet endure sex with their ladies or use sex to pass time.

Men who marry their ladies specifically because they know they can still stay married when the love they had gradually withers after several years of marriage. Ladies they marry originally for procreation, companionship and to satisfy their family or grant their wishes.

Women they will go out with publicly and not feel ashamed. Those that will get along with family, and are presentable before most convergence of people.

Ladies they will go out with in public without batting an eyelid. Women that will be good mothers to their children, home builders and one fit enough in all ramifications to be called wife.

And for men who marry good ladies and still miss the craziness they had while still single, all they do is to strike a balance by bringing out or influencing bitchiness from their wives. And for those who can’t get enough of their wives in the bedroom yet don’t let their women know about the inadequacies and lack of adventures they suffer in bed, what they simply do is go to that bitch that does it the way they love and even gives them something extra that keeps them coming for more.

The raw deal!

Yes! Guys love bitches but not one without limitations, not one who’s bitching to earn herself an award.

Only few men or men with ulterior motives will settle down with a lady who sees bitching as a hobby.

I know a number of crazy ladies but, there is only one crazy lady I have been with and maybe still revel in her company if the opportunity arises.

Albeit the question is; can I spend the rest of my life with her? Your guess is as good as mine…You need no further answers.

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  1. Well hinted. Would settle for the good lady that is ready to learn and adjust. As for the sex thing, if I love her and care for her as I say, I would do it the way she knows how to that won’t hurt her . Together we will work a way to enjoy ourselves in that aspect. Nice one.

  2. You said it all yourselfTo cope with a bad bitch you have to follow their terms and conditions and you’ve got to be really special before you can make them bend the rules. She’s got a road map that her life sojourns, anything contrary is not germane. Screw you if you don’t like who she is, she really doesn’t care.I think not all guys will want that kinda drama.

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