Love and Other Cures for the Common Cold

Here are excerpts from an Ebook by Caleb Olorunmaiye (@_ceefour ), dropping on the 13th of February 2014. Enjoy this, cause i really did. 😀

love anfIt has been the silent treatment since yesterday. When it started, it was the long face and the sulk, as it went on it became plain indifference to my existence. It was difficult to place her grievance, somewhere along the line it had something to do with the television in the room. She did not want it. I wanted it. She could watch anything she wanted really, including the Mexican telenovas she really loved that I was not particularly fond of, I really didn’t mind, but no. She simply didn’t want a TV in the room.

I did not back down, she did not back down and now we were just two stubborn goats on a narrow bridge.

I got into bed before her last night, and yes, I turned the TV on. Surely to drive home her stance she would sleep on the couch, or in any of the spare rooms newlyweds didn’t have immediate use for.

She busied herself with her nightly rituals of face scrubs, turned off the lights and crawled into bed, filling the space beside me.

All that late night TV watching, I woke up equally late, did not find her beside me and for one foolish moment I thought she was gone. Wasn’t it too early to run back to your in-laws begging your wife to come back with you? Then I heard her singing from somewhere in the house and my sinking heart came afloat again.

That’s right woman. When I’m having my way with you, just sing through the pain.

I checked my phone for messages. Secretly for her updates. Nothing. And then I felt a tug in my heart I recognised as lonely sadness.

Now she was singing a song I loved. I wanted to join in, but wouldn’t that mean I broke the silence first. Sounds totally like I talked to her first and made room for conversation.

In my head I pictured Peter Griffin giving Lois a stubborn ‘NO!’ And I knew that is who I wanted to be.

Or maybe not. Because now she had stopped singing and I could not urge her to continue and tell her how much I loved to hear her sing, and talk, and laugh. I had not heard her laugh in nearly a whole day. How had I survived that long? I heard her shuffle around the house, footsteps drew nearer, then stopped, then moved away and a part of me wanted to run after her. The footsteps came closer now and I felt foolish lying there. Quick, put on the TV and watch something, be busy. Yes the news, that is always important.

Now there she was, her hair done neatly into a ponytail. Her face radiant like the glow of a summer morning. I held the remote limply in my hand, she walked towards me, stood now at the head of the bed, her eyes down on me, love and innocence.

“I am making pancakes. Come to the kitchen with me.”

Goat that I was, became an obedient sheep.

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  1. Wow!!!!! The things we do to prove a point. If it is hurting the other person, it’s not helpful in the long run. Maybe the living room TV is just fine! 🙂

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