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She stared at the picture on the computer screen, her face blank and emotionless. For days on end, his face had been her wallpaper, on both her phone and computer.

Sometimes it hurt so much to even look at his face, so handsome and well sculptured. Made her wonder how much extra time God spent on him.

She chuckles as she turns around, away from his piercing brown eyes. It’s been just two days ago when she stared into those eyes and he stared into hers.

Mummy” he had said. Her eyes water as she remembered how he had called out to her, pinching her tender skin to get her attention. Closing her eyes, she takes in a deep breath when there’s a knock at the door.Jumping at the sound, she quickly stood up, adjusting the office dress she had donned for today. “Who’s there?” She called out, instantly regretting it. I should have just kept quiet and acted like I wasn’t in, she thought.

Without a reply or even a foreword, the person at the other side of the door walks in, taking long and measured steps towards her.

Eva” he said, standing just in front of her and staring down, his couple of inches giving him an advantage over her petite frame.

I don’t know what I have done to stop you from picking up my calls and replying my messages, even when I sent your son’s voicemail. But I’m sorry and I want to make amends. When I first saw you again that evening, I knew I had to have you. Eva, please.”

She turned away as he took the few more steps separating them and place his palms on her shoulders.

Dayo Abiola. If only he knew how guilty she felt, how irresponsible she had been made to feel, how shattered she was, he would just leave and take his son with him.

I didn’t bring him today, I figured we needed to talk first.” He chuckled quietly before he continued. “Hell, I never should have brought him. But when I realised where you were and in what state, I rushed down. And he was with me; there was nowhere to put him. And I thought he’d make you feel better.” He stopped and took in a deep breath.

I’m sorry, Eva.”

Turning around again, this time to face him, Eva let her eyes roam the man that had once been everything she wanted. Funny how things had changed.Lost for words and trying to deny the tension, not to mention that it was sexual, in the room, she bit her lip and managed to mutter, “I, err, got a promotion today. Comes with an official driver and of course, a bigger pay check.

A grin broke out on Dayo’s face, as close to genuine as she had ever seen, and he closed the tiny space between them and hugged her.

Hey, congratulations. I’m sure you deserve it, I’ve always known you to be efficient, in every area.”

There was no denying the sexual innuendo in those words and Eva couldn’t help but bite her lip again.

Before a word could get spoken, Dayo’s mouth was on Eva’s, with their pent up frustration and passion pouring out in this fervent kiss. His tongue worked its way around her lips and mouth. His hands worked their way through her lovely mane of hair, down her back and on her firm perfectly shaped ass after lifting up the back of the flowery dress.“Don’t stop” said a quivering Eva, whose tongue tasted her lover’s and her arms locked around his back pressing their bodies against one another to concoct a moment that was part sensation and feeling and part forbidden given their age difference.The two pulled their mouths off each other after a minute. Before Eva could say, “We can’t do this,” Dayo said, “I want you, Eva… I’ve always wanted you and I want you now”Turned on already by the just completed moment of passion and the feelings she had experienced throughout the last few days, Eva gave in to the feeling of forbidden pleasure.“Take me, Dayo,” she said “Take me now!”Dayo began to kiss Eva again slowly while unzipping her dress. As the zipper reached its end, he put his hands on her shoulders to slip off the loosened garment and watch it drop to her ankles, leaving her in just the matching beige satin bra and panty set that clung perfectly to her perfectly sized tits and ass, respectively.He took a moment to eye his handiwork of undressing this woman he has desired.“I’ve wanted to take this dress off of you, since I walked in here. You really look beautiful and sexy right now,” he told her as she kicked off the pair of four-inch high heel shoes she wore as she was getting stripped down to her undergarments. “I have always thought you look beautiful and sexy.”Eva was in a daze as Dayo continued to shower her with compliments about her appearance. The chilling feeling of being dressed in nothing but a matching bra and panty set in her office was counteracted by the flames of lust rushing through her body at that moment. As much as she knew this wrong, Eva could not bring herself to tell the man before her to stop.Dayo let his hands go to work on a statuesque Eva. He loved the feel and texture of the beige satin bra and panty set and how both garments molded perfectly against her skin. His fingers worked their way underneath the cups of the size 36C bra and discovered her hardened and erect nipples. He lightly touched them which brought a moan from Eva’s mouth. These beautiful breasts needed relief from the brassiere, Dayo thought. He quickly unhooked the bra and removed it off her chest and let it fall to the floor. Her firm breasts were free.Dayo came from behind to place his hands on them. He spent a few minutes fondling each of them and sucking on them some more. Eva’s boobs had always turned him on, more than her other body parts.He groaned over and over while doing this. He was thrusting his hardening cock still covered up by his suit trousers against her satin panty-covered ass. Eva quietly moaned deeply repeatedly. She was giving in to the temptation.

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