A Guy’s Dilemma VII


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Everyone was fully basked in surprise as  Adenike’s mum rushed to her husband to calm him down while trying to understand what was going on. Tade wasn’t paying attention to his wife at this point. He was consumed by anger and was trying his best to contain it. John kept shifting his gaze from Adenike’s dad to his own mum.

“Leave this house before I do something I might regret” he yelled in disgust.

“Tade please we can talk about this. Let’s talk things over. It’s not what you think.”

“Think? This is no imagination or perception. I lived through this. Watch your tongue woman”

“I am sorry. I really am. Please we can still talk about it all.”

Everyone kept mute, trying to understand what the issue was as Tade (Adenike’s dad) and Yejide (John’s mum) continued their rambling.

“Talk? Did you say talk? You almost ruined my life. I loved you like I’ve never loved any other. You took away the sunshine I thought was mine. You are the devil herself. Whoever thought the devil is a man has definitely not met you.”

“Can someone tell me what is going on here?” John Shouted to interrupt Tade .

“Ask this woman” he replied, pointing at Yejide. “I suppose she is your mother. I am surprised she didn’t abandon you with your father too to die” Adenike’s dad replied with the same tone.

Ok Ok Ok. Mum, don’t just sit there, say something, whats going on here?” John shouted at his mother.

She started crying and managed to tell her son she can explain.

“Of course mum. There had better been an explanation to this drama on a day like this.” John Snapped.

John’s mum still focused on Tade with so much tears in her eyes ignored her son and spoke up.

“Tade I am sorry. I had to do it. Well, maybe I shouldn’t have but I was left with no choice at all.”

“You had no choice? Because all you ever wanted was comfort. Did you ever think of your daughter? Did you ever look back? And to think you said you loved me. Someone should get this woman out of my house!”

“Tade, please, I am sorry. I know I hurt you. I know what I did can’t be justified. But I need you to forgive me for the sake of our children. Please”

“Forgive? Yes I will forgive if only you can bring back my daughter from the dead. Seems I need to remind you of what you did woman! You abandoned our 2weeks old daughter with me and ran away. You expected me to take care of a 2weeks old baby. How? With which breast? How? Even if you really had to leave me, couldn’t you have thought about our daughter? A child you carried for 9months. How much more insensitive could you be? Olorun” he snapped back with a shrug.

“I thought of her all through, I did. I always think of you both. It haunted me and still haunts me. I knew you would take care of her.”

“Oh wow! Thanks for the vote of confidence, yes I tried my best but my best wasn’t god enough. She died after 1year. I did all I could until one day, I left her with my neighbor to go to work, only for me to be back to the news of my Temidare’s death. She drank a poisonous substance and no one noticed until it was too late. Tell me, if you were there for our daughter, would that have happened? My life shattered when you left and my only source of joy was my daughter and then my life came to a halt when she died.”

“Tade, im sorry. My parents threatened to disown me. They would never have accepted us. They were bent on making our lives a living hell.  It was too much for me and I couldn’t take the pressure anymore. I know I was wrong. I know I wronged you. I think of you and my daughter as each day goes by. I have lived in the shadows of my past for too long” Yejide broke down uncontrollably.

Mum, how could you? How? So you married my dad cause of his money? Status? I can’t believe this.He chuckled… To think that “my sister” died of your selfishness. I.. I mean, H… HOW could you?  John stammered as he stormed out of the house……..

————————————-Episode VIII


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  1. Olorun o… Did she really leave the 2 weeks old daughter behind after 9 months of carrying her just because of mere threats by her parents.

  2. Nawa oo!So she carried d child full term only to leave her at 2weeks old?I just hope b child really died and Nike isn’t the said child, else.. hmmm John your sis is pregnant for u

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