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By  Zobba Zanne Zeuss

In the days of our forefathers, a female virginity signifies purity.

Agree or not such practices where a groom presents a blood stained sheet to his kinsmen and wife’s family as a sign that his new bride was a virgin is barbaric.

It was used to undermine women, and subjecting them into being the inferior sex.

So any man who is searching for a virgin wife in this day and age is a barbarian.


Let me talk about today’s virginity.

It’s no longer about purity, it’s about the hymen.

During my university days, I did meet a lot of women who were virgins because their hymen was still intact, but they were sexually active.

The first time I saw a woman masturbating was in my 100level when I was staying in Hall2.

I had an early morning lecture, so did the other Deeper life girl in Corner D and the final year girl in Corner A.

It happened that we were supposed to contribute some money for an excursion by my department and I decided to walk back from 500lt to Hall2, because I didn’t have the required amount on me.I walked into the girl in Corner B masturbating while she was carried away.

Now this was a supposed virgin, and I knew because we were the closest in the room, we were both Igbos, both in 100level, both science students and very hyperactive .

Later on she tried explaining to me how masturbating keeps her sexually satisfied and how it’s better than loosing her virginity.

“So why are you keeping your virginity since you enjoy all the cums you get from masturbating?” I asked her, and her reply was…. “I am keeping it for my future husband”.She went further to probe if I am going to keep mine for my own future husband, and I answered “no, I am not yet ready, and I haven’t met that guy I am attracted to sexually.”

I have seen girls that f*cks through their anus just to keep their virginity or hymen for some random male who will marry them in the future and I just laugh.

If you are one of those girls who wishes to celebrate the breaking of your hymen on your wedding night with your husband, then you are on a long thing.

You kiss men, have them suck your boobs, enjoy their caresses, and even have them give you headjob. But because you don’t allow them penetrate you, you are busy claiming VIRGIN MARY…. (Nah ogun go take your blood bath)

I am not against anyone being a virgin as long as they are chaste, but I am against the hypocritical virgins who are only virgins for gains.

A man ask you out, you agree. After the first date, you begin to tell him your sordid tale on how you are a virgin, and how you intend keeping it till you are married…… Abeg, the bobo resemble your future husband? Abi him tell you say nah marriage him come for?

Why are you dating guys when you know you want to remain a virgin? No be trouble you dey find?

Your fellow women are bringing success and stability into marriage, and all you have to offer is your hymen. …. You are just as dumb as the man who is going to celebrate that piece of flesh with you.

Hymen or no hymen, a man wey love you go still dey love you dey go. And the one wey go abuse you will still give you all forms of abuse.

Be a virgin because you want to remain chaste.Be a virgin because you are not ready.Be a virgin because you want to really remain one.

But telling me you want to be a virgin because you want to offer it to one man as a wedding present is an act of barbarism, because that man you’re going to offer your hymen as a burnt offering to isn’t a virgin.

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  1. Humans have evolved over time, but most of us still hold dear to customs, practices, and prejudices of old times. Virginity really should serve as a symbol of morality and purity and that is what it really is. It is however worthy of note that youths of today want to live on both sides of the divide; to explore and still put a face of morality and purity because they fear judgement from people or from divinity. Hence, they satisfy their desire to explore by letting you touch and caress, and they try to still respect ‘purity and morality’ by putting restriction to the touches. It becomes hypocrisy, when such people – although technically virgins – come out to slander those who have totally given up their virginity. The truth is that you can’t be a half virgin. It’s either you do not have the experience at all, or you have it. You can’t eat your cake and still have it.

  2. Only God can intervene in d life of we ladies dis days,imagine u av anal sex nd still called urself VIRGIN.

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