Irresponsible caretakers : The bane of our predicament

By Jagunmade O. Rilycks

In my father’s house, we live in perpetual penury. In short, we are richly poor and sadly happy. We are greatly cursed (blessed?) with vast resources. Human resources, arable land, water bodies etc, are all in massive abundance. Yet we starve. My household is one of the richest in our community yet we are impoverished. Our land is carpeted with gold and diamonds, yet we walk on mud and dirt. What a waste!

My father is weak and tired, he can’t do much after he toiled and strove for ages to accumulate a great amount of wealth and riches so we can live in prosperity for ever. He tried all he could to set us on the path of unity, peaceful coexistence and togetherness. Sadly enough, we are not on that path anymore. Who is to be blamed?

Our past Caretakers

Meet the pot-bellied, covetous and self-centered caretakers that my father left the care of our households to. They live in false affluence, they squander all my father’s resources, they live like kings. They sit on the throne like they will never descend from it. They are gluttons.

These gluttonous caretakers ran and left the affairs of our house-hold in great disarray, they stole massively from us, they tried all they could to set us against one another. Even though they stole from our purse till it was almost empty, they were unapologetically corrupt and still wanted to remain our caretaker. We sent them packing after 16years. Good riddance!

We CHANGED to a new caretaker

After the unfortunate and disastrous reign of our deposed caretakers. We ushered in a new set of caretakers. They said they are the change agent. The made us believe that we are too rich to be poor. They promised to steer our father’s sinking empire to safety. The changing-changers promised us heaven on earth. If gluttony and corruption were the shortcomings of our deposed caretakers, then propaganda, lies and deceit are the bane of our new caretakers. They met our household in disarray and sunk it into further ruins. “It is all the fault of your former caretakers. We met your household in a bad state” they would say boastfully. Intellectually lazy bunch!

We knew it was bad, that was why we called you to fix the problem in the first place. Now what have they done? They have led us into recession. Now, children of a rich father are living like paupers.

We have been let down by our witless and greedy caretakers. Caretakers who can’t take responsibilities, those who can’t see beyond their selfish desires.

They kept trading blames, the former said it left our household in a stable state, the latter goes around blaming the former while doing virtually nothing to improve us. We surely need responsible caretakers if my father’s empire would actualize it’s self acclaimed Giant of Africa’s status.

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  1. Nigeria has become a paradox like the son of meat seller that eat only bones. No thanks to the insincerity of het leaders who continue to waste our common wealth and put the entire kingdom in perpetual lack. God dey.

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