Life As A Cab Man In The Metropolis – 12

Life as a cab man in the metropolis - elsieisy blog

By Sir Jaydee

Click HERE for previous episodesI Love the way the city lights up in the night. If you want to know how beautiful city is drive around at night. Everything lights up. The silent whispers as the wind blows past my ears while sipping on my Alomo and staring at every puff of smoke evaporate into the sky.The Night keeps me calm and allows me enjoy and reminisce moments, I mean Life as a cab man hasn’t been bad at all…I chuckled as I took another drag of smoke and a pint of alomo. Bolting through my head came memories of Nnenna.I Gasped‘I have a boyfriend’, so what am I supposed to do?? I actually like her though as I scrambled through my phone and saw her last message which read ‘I am at your gate oga’I chuckled hard as I stared at my phone wondering whether to call or text her, but she has a boyfriend so what’s the point sef? As I got up and headed towards the cab.YEAH MEN I feel alright though, Very Alright I Said as I dusted myself and entered the car. Revved my Engine and Headed back home blasting songs from the radio and singing loudly along to them. Approaching VGC roundaboutTAXI!TAXI!!!Abeg turn turnI turned and headed towards their direction. As two young guys my age neatly dressed standing by the road side,‘Shoprite’, the Taller One Said.3500 I saidAh Baba na wah oh na 2k we get abeg. Na 11:00, Traffic no go too dey, Last Last na toll gate u even fit pass alternative route. At this point I was so confused, but felt he had done too much explanation for me not to carry him I Chuckled to myselfOya Enter I saidGuy Oya oh.  The atm never pay you?No vex I Dey Come, His Friend walked towards the car, as they both entered and I headed towards shoprite.Guy You still dey think about that thing? The Tall One SaidThings no dey go too well for me right now, The Other one saidYou too dey complain, No Fear Joor. You have everything *The Tall One SaidForget everyone gee, Guy why I no go fear see as things dey? You need money make money, but guy look around things are getting worse *The Other one said*Bro forget that thing, The Strong will always survive, even for war some people still dey flex. You Have Ideas guy, if no one is investing you invest in yourself. The Tall one said*Hmmn True that *I said to myselfNo dey wait for money before you live your dream and your life, this life na one bro, make e be say you try Live your dream come fail than sey you no try at all.My Highness Evaporated I suddenly became soberGuy See He said, people roaming round these streets with so much pain and anger because they didn’t chase their dreams.Osheey Tonylee spewing wisdom *The other one said*Chop Knuckle my guy*People dey unhappy for this life, Chase your dream, Find your happy place and stay there bro whatever it is. Complaining na just bitch move na just excuse to give up. If na to sell sausage find money anything just do am. No be just money be the issue?Yes sha * The Other One Said*Ehen You See and that money like this dey another person account and him no know wetin to do with am.They Both Laughed HystericallyMoney dey everywhere but na wetin to do with am be the Koko my brother. You gatts know wetin to do with money before you pray for am guy. Na wetin dey differentiate rich person from wealthy person be that.Priorities first bros, if they give you the money wetin you wan use am do, that na the kokoSo no dey fear guy, I dey here, we go flex for this life bro even if war come sef I no go fear, Money go dey. In the words of my bro wizzy wizzle *I Gat One Life To Live so I o rock am *Both mumbled to the lyricsJam Oh brotherly *The other One Said*I Dey Tell youI Slowly turned into shoprite I was so sober at this point that I could hear them faintly as my life kept flashing before my eyesJust find somewhere park bros. They both came down and paid me and walked off. At this point I just wanted to lay back. And some of the words kept replaying. I have never really thought about my priorities.What was I doing with my life? I am still young and driving a cab is not really my long-term plan or even if it is I need to diversify. Then it hit me that I have been blaming life about my situation that I have refused to think about a way out.But things are hard, Isn’t it enough excuse? Urrgh like it’s that easy to be positive. I bet if he was in my shoes he won’t say such. Not like I know what he is going through at least he isn’t giving excuses.I sunk into my chair. I needed to figure out my priorities, I have been so focused on the wrong things. I better start looking for a way out of life before life finds a way out of me. I mumbled to myself as I started my cab and headed home*tunes radio* Superhuman – MI Ft HHP

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  1. Wow! Such a provocative episode, This can make anyone to reflect on his/her life. I enjoyed reading this.First time commenting on your though. This is Gideon, the guy that messaged you sometime back. Okay bye.

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