1. We do not know the colour of your eyesSome say it’s blue— deep seas are in your eyesor was it the sky that spread its sheet across your irises?Others say it’s red— so I searched your pupils for firesThat burn the world in your head but I found a fickle of baseless emotions

What does that even mean?

  1. What sex are you?They say you are maleI say you are bothSome say you do not live long enoughTo know why you breath like mashed potatoes,

To define you is to solve dy/dxWe will disintegrate the palms in your kneesAnd differentiate the worlds you seem to live in.

  1. What lives in a smoke?
  2. Why do tongues flap?
  3. Why do we die?
  4. Where do you go after death?

I heard the children say that God is upAnd Satan is down so I wonderWhat room holds the truthAnd what window opens lies like the cunt ofa street whore?

  1. Do you miss me?

Did you ever?Will you ever?

  1. I miss you right nowSo I say baseless things at firstTo drive me into the home of my points

See,I miss youAnd the thing that holds the mind of this poem isDo you ever miss me?


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  1. Okay, this is excellent, kept me guessing what it was about right until the last line of the poem.

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