Fayose vs Buhari: Where I stand

Fayose vs Buhari: Where I stand

By Ayodeji Aladejana

Fellow Nigerians,

Our ears have been filled with news of unending criticism emanating from the camp of Ekiti State Governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose targeted at President Muhammadul Buhari and members of the ruling party, the APC. Constructive criticism is good for a healthy democracy, but when the criticism becomes intense and rather too irrelevant, it may turn out unsafe for democracy.

Governor Fayose’s criticisms started when a good number of (if not all) Nigerians would say “it’s too early to judge an administration”. However “too early” as it may seem, time has nothing to do with such matters. What matters is the capability to perform and I dare to say this seems to be lacking in the President. But then I ask myself, Is Governor Fayose in a right position to criticise President Buhari?

If you ask for my opinion, I’ll tell you that Governor Fayose has not done a “good” to deserve the glorified position to fire shots of criticism against President Buhari. Am not a stubborn idealist, but a Governor who has loads of unpaid salaries, made unnecessary foreign trips, initiate projects you can’t but label “misplaced” priorities is not deserving to call President Buhari unpleasant names.

I find it rather disturbing and regretful that I voted Governor Fayose. If I had followed my conscience and voted Hon. Bamidele, my vote would not have made much difference, but at least, I would have had a clear conscience. Voting Fayose is a mistake I pray I don’t ever make again.

If there is anybody that qualifies to be called a busybody in matters relating to the administration of Nigeria and the welfare of its people, it is Governor Fayose, for criticising the President when he, as the Governor of Ekiti State, has failed to deliver on the numerous promises he made while campaigning for our votes.

Am not in any way trying to dignify President Buhari’s actions and inactions. I also feel bad about his style of Leadership. But I have a clear conscience. I never believed he could deliver, and by so doing, I didn’t vote him at the polls. He won without my vote notwithstanding, but my conscience is clear!

President Buhari had spent almost one year in office and unfortunately, there is no aspect of national life in which the people have felt the positive impact of President Buhari’s administration. With about three years of his tenure still to go, I cannot but shudder at what lies ahead of us as a nation.

Times may be hard, but I hope we all know that sometimes, things may have to get really worse before they get better. We as Nigerians should not just hope things get better, this is when our Nation needs us more. Its right about time that we do more of what we do. Farmers should farm harder, teachers should teach well, civil servants should invest more diligence at work, our Governors should shelve their selfish interest, and work harder and more relentless for the success of Project Nigeria. The President, who is constitutionally and otherwise, the father of the nation, should buckle up and give effect to his party’s CHANGE AGENDA. We may not get things right at this slow pace.

There is still time for President Buhari, state Governors, lawmakers to change things to our good and make name as great leaders of Nigeria. The choice is however, theirs to make. But for me, I’ve chosen to stand with Nigeria and not with Buhari or Fayose. Where do you stand?

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