The Age of Marriage


Strange love in the hearts of lovable beings
To want what is another’s to a certain claim
Scorned by self belief and in rare pattern
Driven by realities integrated pride of achievements 
The fragile feeling is now on revamp to becoming 
The pillar of these happy tomorrow’s plot
A gain to be regained in a lover’s arm
The comfort in minds to settle every dispute
Cock crows to remembrance of vows at heart
Dawn, a thanks giving table for morning kisses
Teachings of old and stale sentences still carrying salient
Path-guides to the narrow roads of regarding another
Agreements in disagreements to a never ending graceful union
The years not of waste to lovable past regret
The two to a glee forever.

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  1. Marriage, the oldest institution where no one ever graduated. Once you enroll, you remain a student forever. The only graduates are the married deads.

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