The House – 27

The house

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So Seyi’s gen was on considering light was reflecting out of her apartment as I approached. This Wahidi of a boy ooo….na me go poison am last last. I got to the door and took a deep breathe before knocking. Noone answered but I could hear music playing from within. Dem don dey do party ni?  Weyreh ni bobo Wahidi yii o. I took a deep breath and knocked again. The door opened up slightly and Seyi peeped out.

Oh Sesan it’s you…..come in na, you are missing“….

Missing ke?”, my brain went into overdrive. I quickly went in after her and was immediately blinded.  Menn there was smoke everywhere thank God Baba landlord house no get fire alarm else trouble for don dey. Took me a while to get my eyes adjusted to the new scene.

Ha Oga Weyreh when you come back?” Wahidi’s voice came through the smoke and I filled its trail. Was it my eyes or did Wahidi have only a boxers on.  Aiye mi o. He had gone pass second base apparently. I closed my eyes and started counting to 20. That done, I opened my eyes and could see better. Ok, so Wahidi was lying on the bed and yeah he had just a boxers on but Ibironke was nowhere close to him. Thank God. ..

So Sesan we are playing truth or dare. If you want to join in“. Seyi spoke from behind me. Truth or dare? Today was turning out to be my lucky day. I was pretty sure the smile on my face was quite visible through the Smoky room.

Well Oya na. I am game“..I sat down on the bed but not too close to Wahidi. .can’t be sitting next to the dude who has got only a boxers on. Sat down just in time to see Ibironke step out of the bathroom. Now how do I describe what she had on ooo? It was a skirt but then again it was a pant no no Let’s sha call it half skirt (I no know the name of female clothing nowadays). She had taken off the chelsea Jersey but the top she had on was just as tight fitting. She just waved a ‘Hello’ at me and went to sit on the chair in the far corner. Chei. ..

Ok so how do we take turns? Where is the bottle to spin?“..I looked around and saw there was already an empty bottle of grey goose on the floor. Ok so this has better be the reason Wahidi has got just his boxers on oo.

Well it’s ibironke’s turn“…

Ok then“..Ibironke stood up and adjusted her pant/skirt. She sat on the rug as we all positioned ourselves in some sort circle. I closed my eyes and said the Lord’s prayer. I didn’t even ask what was the penalty if you didn’t carry out your dare.  Oh well.

Ibironke grabbed the bottle with two fingers and spinned it around. I took a deep breath as the bottle took it’s time before pointing at Wahidi.

Yee! Why be say na only me this thing dey pick since morning? Kilode“..Wahidi opened up book of lamentations.

Seyi busted out laughing and reached for the ashtray close to her and picked up the Weed on there. Just from the ashes, they had really smoked a lot.. Well all join.

Wahidi, just shut up and take off your boxers“..Ibironke said with a smile.

“Boxers ke, wetin concern my boxers and truth or dare wey we dey do? “….Wahidi asked with a shocked look on his face.

That’s my dare o, please please don’t waste time“..

I quickly stretched a hand out to Seyi to pass the joint because it was becoming pretty obvious I was going to be needing it. Seyi took a long drag and exhaled a whole lot of smoke up in Wahidi’s direction before passing me the blunt.

Well nothing dey happen…Me sef go get my turn“…Wahidi said as he stood up and pulled down his boxers on one swift move…normally as part of bro code shii you aren’t meant to look at a naked guy. I mean that’s so so Gay but Omo going by the present situation I couldn’t help but look at Wahidi’s dick.  Well he try sha. The fool was hard as a rock I could tell and Seyi was just staring while Ibironke whistled. Lol just wait till they see my own, Dem go run comot for room. But then again I wasn’t hard which was strange.  In a situation like this my dick was meant to be aching already. Abi was it an after effect of fucking Latifah? Was God punishing me already? I took a drag out of the weed probably I needed just to get a little high and oga dick go behave.”I dare Ibironke to give Sesan a five minutes blowjob!“.

Ehn who said that? When den roll bottle? Abi?

Oya Oya Oga ade pull your dick comot make she suck“…Wahidi said with a pissed off look on his face. Apparently dude was annoyed that he wasn’t the one getting the blowjob after all he was the naked one with a boner. But wait why would Seyi ask Ibironke to give me head? Thing wey she suppose do herself. All that were secondary issues. The main concern now was that Junior wasn’t rising to the occasion but how do I get off this?

What’s the fine if you don’t carry out your dare? “..I asked

There is no fine, we are all matured than all those Petty things.” Seyi answered me. I looked at Ibironke for salvation.  Omo with the look in her eyes you could tell she was ready for action.  Sesan why why me?  Today of all days and my mind dey tell me say make I no fuck that stupid Latifah of a girl oo. What was causing all these?

With one mind I stood up and started undoing my belt buckle. Ibironke stood up and walked towards me. She knelt before me just as I pulled my dick out. chei the thing just use small pass my zipper. Anyway I tried to make an indifference face like nothing was wrong.

There was silence in the room for a bit before Ibironke finally laid hands on my dick. She started stroking with two of her fingers…See my life. Two fingers asin two fingers oo! Then about a minute came the killer

“Please but how am I suppose to suck this? ‘…

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  1. Jst put your mouth on it n suck on….dats how it is doneBt the house is back….yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!

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