Anna and Leo: Balance of Power | by William Ifeanyi Moore

Anna’s room was more or less what he had imagined it would be. A large desktop sat by the window, the closest a modern writer could get to a typewriter. The classic bookshelf, scraps of paper with illegible writing, two empty cups of coffee that filled the air with the all too familiar aroma. A bedside lamp for late night reading, and two books by the side. It was cluttered, but not littered.

‘So this is what you do to your men. You make them pretty much write your articles, show them a good time around the city, then bring them here for your perverted pleasures. I feel so used.’ Leo sat up on the bed to get a better view of her slim frame.

‘Says the guy that nearly ruptured my uterus. If you fucked me any harder I swear my liver was going to shift.’

They both laughed at her vulgarity.

‘You know I would have never picked you for a freaky girl, but then again you are a writer. It’s not like your wild imagination won’t apply to the bedroom.’

She walked up to him in slow deliberate steps and whispered in his ear.

‘I’m not done with you quite yet Mister. You do what you have to do, but after breakfast you better be ready for me. And this time, I’m the pilot. You can just stay under and be a dick.’ She licked his ear and gave it a quick nimble before she left for the kitchen.

He stayed on the bed for a little longer wondering what to do with himself. Finally, he decided to go join her.

‘I have to say a naked chef in just an apron has been a lifetime fantasy.’

‘Who is the pervert now?’ she flashed a mischievous smile.

He smiled back then composed himself for his next question.

‘Anna, I’ve met girls. Like I’m not bragging about being a master swordsman or anything, but I’ve been in more than a few battles if you know what I mean.’

‘You don’t have to defend yourself. It’s okay to be a whore.’

They both laughed.

‘Anyways, on a more serious note, I just want to know. How do you do it?’

‘Do what?’ she asked.

‘You think I can’t tell you’re the one in charge of this situation? It’s like it’s you fucking me, not the other way round.’

She smiled at him.

‘Awww, poor Leo. Come here let mama give you a hug.’ She teased, ‘women are always in control at the beginning. Most of us just don’t know how to leverage this. In fact, until a woman gives a man the impression that she has fallen for him, she is always in charge. That’s why I never tell guys I like them first.’

‘Ahh, so this is a power thing?’

‘It is always a power thing. We just have to hope whoever has the power doesn’t abuse it.’

‘And how do you know who has the power?’

‘Whoever thinks the other needs them more has the power. And notice I said ‘need’ not like or love.’

‘And what if they are wrong?’

‘It doesn’t matter. They will act with that power until it earns them a breakup and all of a sudden they realize how much they need the other person. That’s why you see guys treat women like crap only to come back begging. Like in the movies.’

‘Hmm, so on the long run would you say men tend to hold more of the power. Or women?’

‘Well, a man divorced at 40 has a higher market value than a woman of equal age, even if she has never been married. So yes, men are empowered by society and women are made insecure by it. And Lord help her if she has a kid. Men don’t have to worry about that.’

‘So you will take advantage of the starting phase when you have the power?’ he asked.

‘Oh yes, the only reason you are still this fascinated about me is because you aren’t sure how much I need you. You can’t desire what you already own.’

He stood in silence for a moment to digest what she had just said.

She was right. It was the same reason makeup sex always felt so good. That feeling of losing someone had a strange way of making them more desirable. It was also the same factor in play when a man tried to get a woman back and she was resisting or refusing. For all our evolution, we still couldn’t help but be somewhat complacent when we felt desired. Perhaps that was the secret to a lasting relationship. Learning to be content and avoiding complacency. Easier said than done, but definitely worth the effort. Nothing killed relationships as much as taking partners for granted and treating them like they did not matter as much as they used to. He reminded himself of his definition of love…a choice we had to make daily. Not a fleeting emotion. That was just infatuation, Limerance.

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