Memoirs of Eva – 4

memoirs of Eva

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I grinned at this hot sexy man in front of me.

You sure have a great sense of humor. I’ll be out in ten minutes, tell Shola to pack me a light dinner.”

He nodded, the smirk still on his face, and walked out sharply.Ten minutes later, I was out in a pair of jeans and the tank top I was wearing earlier. I had managed to run a brush through my hair before I stepped out.

Ma’am, I’ve packed your rice and curry sauce with meatballs. Your mother tells me chocolate cake with caramel frosting is a favorite of yours, so I’ve packed that as well.” Shola says as I step into the kitchen.This man is a wonder!

Thank you very much, Shola. When I requested for a light dinner, this didn’t cross my mind. I’ll certainly be singing your praises when Mother calls tonight.”

Five minutes later, with instructions to send my greetings to my parents and the basket of food safely in the backseat, we’re on the way home. We, meaning the hot driver and I. Traffic’s light and the weather’s cool.Turning to the man by my left, I’m piqued by curiosity.

“It’s funny how we were both making silly comments earlier and I don’t even know your name.”

Babatunde Ajayi, ma’am.”

Oh, so we’re back to formal.

I’d prefer to call you Tunde, is that alright?

As you please, Miss Madariola.”

Exasperated, I reply, “Its Eva, not ma’am or Miss Madariola.”

He gives a curt nod, his eyes firmly on the road.

Five minutes pass in silence before I stretch my hand to turn on the radio. Soon, the speakers are blasting out Korede Bello’s Godwin. My mind wanders back to the day’s events and indeed, na Godwin.

I don’t realize I’ve been singing along until Tunde interrupts me,

Phase 1 or 2, ma’am?

Phase 1, please. Once again, its Eva.

You have a nice voice, Eva.”

Great way to use my name in a sentence. Thank you, though.”

I hear a low chuckle and turn to the window, enjoying Lagos at night.

Nice voice, hot body, beautiful face and a large bank account. What else can a girl want?”

Old question, new style of asking. And as always, my answers the same.

Hot sex. Hot, steamy and passionate sex. Raw passion.”

Grinning, he turns to me and replies, “I can give you that.

You could, but a hot body doesn’t mean you can give hot sex.”

Wanna test me?”

You wish.”

He’s silent after that till we get to Toll Gate. I turn to face him and I’m once again struck by how hot he is. Hot bodies like this belong in expensive suits and white shirts. Not in this cheap tee and faded jeans. Nope, certainly not.

Before I can stop myself, my hands are on his right thigh, stroking slowly. I gradually inch higher, stroking a point for a longer time and another for a shorter period of time.

Finally, I get to his zip and linger there a little. Apparently, all the touching has been affecting poor Tunde and his trouser seems to be too tight for his MiniMe.

Tunde, it seems someone’s awake.” I giggle quietly, as I watch the discomfort on his face.

Well, it certainly seems so.”

The nerve of him, he sure has guts.

I stroke his dick through his trousers, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, watching the reaction on his face with every move I make.

Finally, I unzipped his jeans and slip my hand into them. Warm and flaccid, his dick was definitely something to hold. Soon enough, he hardened around my hand and I couldn’t help but smirk.

Is this supposed to be a gift?

Tunde said nothing, his face staring intently at the road ahead. As he took a sharp turn by the right, I started pumping him furiously.

You like that, don’t you? Getting this sort of attention; does it turn you on? Of course it does, I’m sure you’re just as nasty deep within as I am.” I whispered to him, pumping from top to bottom, my thumb rubbing his pre-cum round the tip.With a new rush of adrenaline, I bring my head down on his cock and take the whole length of him in him, enjoying the feel of it as it slides in. I swirl my tongue around him, the taste of him messing with my senses.I bob my head up and down, as he fucks my mouth. There’s little he can do since he’s driving, and I’m happy anyways.This is for my pleasure, not his.

As I take one of his balls into my mouth, I hear a sharp gasp, the slamming of brakes and tires screeching.



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  1. Good lord!! My first thoughts went to her parents finding out what she was up to…. Serious Gobe!!

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