Abako (Pidgin Series) – Finale

abako - pidgin series

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For close to a year, Abako don dey peaceful. E don finally return to that peaceful place wey everybody dey jolly. Light no come dey again as e dey shine anyhow during election period. No politician dey carry share money for people. Na so Abako be normally; nobody dey expect anything from government. People don forget everything wey happen during election.

But one person no really forget – Mama Tasty.

That day wey dem bail her and Timo, Timo been yarn her about the dream wey he dream; of how dem take come kill Shaba with pregnancy. The thing pain Mama Tasty like say e don already happen. And as God go do am na, na dat same day naim Mama hear say Shaba don born. She quickly beg Timo make him go carry the baby comot from Shaba hand; she dey fear say those people wey give her belle never finish with her.

Timo take Mama Tasty as him mama, so the matter no really hard am to think; plus Mama dey pay for the job wella. Na hustle man him be, and sometimes na all about the money. Na dat night naim him enter the place. Wen e come, Shaba been dey sleep. He use style waka near am, den e carry the baby from near am. Na dat moment naim Timo watch take fall and him no fit notice.

The next morning, when Shaba wake up for morning, she no even notice say her baby no dey around her. Na for that same morning, naim Mama Monday been come around. Immediately Shaba pursue her comot finish, naim about two hefty boys come around. Na as dem drag with Shaba to find her baby collect, naim Shaba bite one ear comot. Na so dat one use vex take stab Shaba to death, as e happen naim dem run comot.

After all these don happen, naim dem go report to their oga wey send dem. Him no believe say dem no see the baby. The jazz wen him wan do require the baby; in fact, na the baby him need use and no be Shaba. The thing no let am understand and him gats do everything wey dey within him power to find the baby. Na that instant him make two decisions – to kill the boy wey dem bite e ear so as to spoil police track, and also to find one policeman tip in case them first am see who carry the baby.

When Mama Tasty hear about the death of Timo, e sure her wella say na because say Timo no gree tell dem about the baby, naim dem kill am troway, or na because say him and Mr. Councillor don begin run show. She dey pray for Timo soul ever since the day wen him die.


The only good thing wey Mama Tasty carry comot Abako na Shaba pikin. Na her top secret wey she no gree share with anybody, not even her husband. Na one of her midwife friend for far away Makoko naim she give the baby to dey take care of ever since.

But today na the baby one year birthday, and na one kind bouncing baby boy wey carry Shaba fine face. Na the first time wey Mama dey see the baby after all that time. Tears no waste time to begin drop comot her eyes. She no know whether to dey happy or to dey cry; but she finally dey fulfilled say she save the pikin.

Meanwhile that same day wey Mama Tasty go carry the baby from Makoko, na that same day naim news reach the whole town say Chief Wilson don begin craze. But nobody really know wetin make am begin dey craze.

Written by Chuky One Pilla

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