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The house

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SESAN. ..I closed both eyes and took a deep breath as the footsteps got closer. What was going to happen?  I didn’t know. Who it was? Hmm probably Iya Nuru back from wherever she had gone to.

Latifah got up from beside me, I opened my eyes and watched as she picked up her bumshort from the floor. She got it on with her bra and motioned to me to keep still she stepped out to check who it was. I closed my eyes back few seconds later and you could hear voices in the passage. wasn’t audible enough but I could make out Iya Nuru’s high pitched voice. She appeared to be scolding Latifah. .whatever jare.  Make them sha do finish make I dey go my room. Five minutes, ten minutes and Latifah wasn’t back. .I just couldn’t dare take the risk of going out the room and bumping into Iya Nuru. That would be the end of my very complex life. I got up from the bed and got my clothes on. With hand in pocket, I started pacing around the room. Oh I didn’t like this kinda parole at all. Who send me message fuck o? But the truth is she was a pretty good lay and I wouldn’t mind doing it Again.

She came back in after about twenty minutes. .

Sesan you would have to chill here till late night o, my mum is staying in the shop and there is no way you can pass“..

Ehn night ke?  Yes I don finally enter am today. I looked at Latifah and with the way her boobs were going up and down as she breathed, I didn’t know if this was a good news or a bad one.

Bode. ..I didn’t remember anything as I opened my eyes. I couldn’t even dare attempt to remember not with the salvaging headache that hit me as my eyes came open and I stared at the ceiling. Jesus, I was definitely going to die. I tried to raise my head up off the pillow but I got stabbed in the brain. I screamed out!

Wetin happen? !”Blackky came racing into the room.

It’s my head o“…i spoke out of pain.

Blackky hissed and stood akimbo staring at me.

Shey na why you con dey scream like imbecile? Na person send you go drink pass Gauge?“, He said as he took a seat on the rug right across me. He was chewing something. .Looks like groundnut but I couldn’t turn my head enough to get a proper look at him.

Just chill five minutes, the headache go don reduce then you go go shower.”, He continued

I took a deep breath and waited for the five minutes. .

Where is everybody? “, I managed to ask.

I no know where Micheal or Sesan dey o but Wahidi went to help one girl in the house with her gen“, Blackky answered in between mouthful of whatever he was eating.

Gen? Please what’s the time?“, had time gone that fast?

Na to eight. .You no look outside ni? “..

Jeez I had really passed out.

Na me and Wahidi carry you come house when you don dey display for konigba“..

Display ke? How?”…I lifted my head off the bed, the headache had indeed subsided.

Yes na. .You first hug me then kiss me before you go try press one guy girlfriend yansh for there. Na God say make Wahidi quickly stop you if not Ehn na mortuary you for dey now”

I couldn’t hear anything he was saying after the part he said I kissed him. .God I needed to brush!

Sesan. …Like play like play night reach and I couldn’t wait to get out.  Though my stay in Latifah’s room had been more than nice.  I had ended up fucking her two more rounds…chei really enjoyed fucking her standing doggy o hands on the wall. But now I just wan go house. I had slept and woke up and it was past ten before Iya Nuru finally close shop and even then she didn’t go to bed. She sat up outside ‘receiving fresh air as Latifah called it.  Was I now to sleep here overnight? Lailai.

Can I go out through the back yard? “, I asked Latifah

Out ke? Have you forgotten that this house only has one Gate? “..

Forget the gate jare. .I am going to jump the fence”..

Oh that’s true sef“..The reality hit her. .

Me sef dull o…something I should have done since. She peeped out the passage then motioned me to go with her. I followed her quietly. Thank God there was no one else home asides she and iya Nuru. We got to the backyard and I looked around for a vantage point to take a leap from. The fence want that high but I needed something to step on.  I looked around and got the well as my answer.  I walked to it. .And without a Goodnight or glance back, I took a step on it and threw myself over the fence. Landed firmly on my feet right behind aso rock. good everywhere was dark. .No gen was on around, I could get away. Stepping on a sharp stone. .I winced in pain.

Ha Broda wa Sesan una don dey jump fence“..shit that voice had better not be who I think it to be.

Who be that? “..I asked. .forming bad guy in the dark

You dey craze. Na me Yemisi“..She said as I could make out her body walking towards me.

Oh Yemisi, how far na? “..Let me just play dumb.

I dey wetin you dey jump fence go find for Iya Nuru house? “..

abeg no dey ask jamb question jare“..I said as I walked away from her and towards my end.

Shior e dy your body“..I could hear her say.  Chei I don fuckup o. Na to dey fast and pray remain now. Because I knew Yemisi would sooner than later spill.

I got to the room and met Blackky and Bode sitting and gisting in the dark. These guys have really bonded o.

Ahan Oga where you go since? ‘…Blackky fired as he saw me.

Wo I go clear one parole for area ni. Where Mickole and Wahidi? ‘”..I quickly changed topic.

We never see Mickole since afternoon o. And Wahidi soon go since go help one girl with her gen“…

One girl? “…alarm bells went off in my head.

That tall girl na wey be like say she dey work for bank“..

Since when the idiot don go?‘”

Omo e don tey o.since around seven“..

Without another word I turned around and headed to the main building.

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