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I was about 16 when I met her. I was out with my friends for our graduation hangout. I just sat there holding my bottle of Malt when Tunde, the noisiest of my friends pushed her in my face.

There she was, medium height, thick and with an icy cold look. She had on a green apparel with gold and blue trimmings. I don’t know if it was her build that attracted me to her or if it was the coldness in her appearance, but the moment we touched lips, I knew I was going to be a slave to her.

For years nothing else mattered to me. She became the centre of my world. I desired her morning, afternoon and evening. In the University, I would be in class and my mind would stray to her. To touch her; to kiss her; to stroke her curves. She was my muse. As cold as she was, she brought warmth to me. Anytime I touch her, she would be wet and that pleasured me.

After every success, I celebrated with her. My buddies knew I was hooked and nothing could tear me away from her. She understood me too. When I was down and out, she rescued me. I would turn to her when in trouble or in doubt of a situation. I always wondered why something so cold could also be a best friend or lover. Sometimes I just thought I was caught in my own world.

One thing I noticed is she loved wearing green. She would change the designs of her dress according to the times and fashion trend. Sometimes flashy, sometimes drab, but it was always a green dress with the blue and gold trims.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all rosy with her. I’d failed at assignments, gotten to appointments late and forgotten quite a lot of important things because of her. Take 3 months ago after a night with her, I had a 12 noon deadline the following day, but because of our night out I abandoned the project. I got to the office late and hence deadline couldn’t be met. No surprises I got a query. Now peep this, as soon as the day was over, I was back in her cold embrace.

Over time, I met the two of her sisters. Equally beautiful ladies. I must admit in a moment of weakness I had a brief affair with both of them. I regretted it because somehow she found out but yet she welcomed me back without incident.

As you read this, I’m in a hurry to stop writing this memoir cos I want to go see her. She would be in her green dress as usual. Waiting. Cold and wet as usual. She would be at our usual spot (well our usual spot changes with the times too) at Bail’s Bar. Can’t wait to have her. My boo, my cold green bottle of  Beer.

Written by Aderenle Amosu. He blogs at lxaxrxux.wordpress.com

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