Stolen Moment (R-18+)


Isimi waited for her father to drive off. She hoped he didnt forget his Bible or any other such religious paraphernalia he would need in Church. The council of elders were having a meeting and seeing that her father was the General Overseer of Kingdom Of Eternal Light Ministry, she hoped he wouldn’t be back home for another 3hours. Her mother was getting ready to go visit a widow from the Church. As the women leader, it was imperative she led the other women down to Sister Ayobami’s residence for the condolence visit. After that, She knew her mother would go join her father in Church. Isimi couldn’t wait to have the house all to herself.

“Isimioluwa, are you sure you don’t want to follow me to see sister Ayobami? I don’t understand what you’ll be home alone, doing…” Mummy G.O complained from her bedroom.

Isimi sighed and rolled her eyes. She hated the way her mother insisted on dragging her along on her visits to Church members. The last time her mother had done that, she’d sulked all the way to the member’s house and back and her silence had embarrassed her mother. The older woman had been upset and ranted nonstop till her father intervened and resolved the issue. After that, Mummy G.O had let her daughter be; only making certain visits mandatory when the spirit led her. Today, thankfully, the spirit did not lead her to force Isimi along. Despite not being led by the spirit, her mother still tried to cajol her.

“Mummy… I’m not going! I have tons of assignment that I have to research online. Besides, why would you want me to sit with you and a group of other married women? How many of my mates do that?” She asked.

You don’t understand the great responsibility on your shoulder. You are an only child of a great Man of God, and soon, the affairs of this church will be in your hands. These visits will help groom and shape you when you become fully active in the Ministry. I shouldn’t be telling you all this. Your father and I educated you on this a while back.” Mummy G.O grumbled.

Isimi ignored her. Though she loved her parents dearly, she was not blind to their flaws. Her father had the ‘god-syndrome’… Acting more sanctimonious than Christ and was judgmental to a fault. He had no tolerance for people he perceived as unrepentant and always hit hard at those he felt were backsliding. His stoic ways instilled fear rather than respect, in his congregation.Her mother, on the other hand, was worse. She was not only judgmental, she was also unbelievably tribalistic… A religious bigot… Unnecessarily proud and extremely demanding. Her earlier teen years with her mother had been truly traumatic for her and twice, she had attempted to take her own life because she couldn’t bear to live in the same house with Mummy G.O. Things had become better when she gained admission into the Private Christian University. The time apart, gave her relief and whenever she managed to come home for holidays, Isimi did well to avoid her mother for days on end.

“Look… I’m running late. I’m sure the other women are waiting for me downstairs. I would really love for you to come sha o…” Mummy G.O gave it one last try.

“Mummy, bye! My regards to Mummy Ayobami. I will commiserate with her in Church on Sunday.” Isimi said as she sashayed to her room.

Mummy G.O sighed. She grabbed her bag and called out to the maids. After dishing out instructions, she went downstairs where a few other women were waiting for her. She didn’t apologize for keeping them waiting. Rather she announced that they were running late and had to leave immediately. Then they all filed out of the house and out into the courtyard. Isimi watched from her bedroom window. Her mother entered her Kia Spotage while the other women entered the small church bus assigned to the Women’s group by the church. She watched them drive out with mounting happiness and counted to ten before kicking up her plan.

Isimi ran into her bathroom, hurried through a shower, making sure she washed out her private part till it was devoid of any feminine scent, save for the smell of her shower-gel. Then she got dressed in a loose flowing gown, ignored her underwear all together and applied perfume to her sensitive spots. She didn’t bother with make-up or jewelry… she wasn’t going anywhere special… But she was going to see someone.

She turned on her laptop and set it on a google page. She opened up her school jotter to a page marked ‘Assignment’. She left her phone to charge by her dressing table. Her room looked too neat and ‘un-lived’ in, thanks to the maids, so Isimi threw down her duvet and roughed her bed up a little to give it that ‘slept-on’ look. She viewed her handiwork critically, nodded in approval and left her room. She made her way down the stairs without a maid spotting her and quietly snuck out of the house.

Out on the courtyard, Isimi ignored the guard stand. She knew the security guard would be watching but she acted like she was just going to the backyard to get something. Walking briskly to the back of the house, she stopped by a small gate that linked their compound to the next. She cast a furtive look around her before passing through the gate. From there on, she ran till she got to her destination.

“Rap, raa-raaap, rap, rap!”

She hoped she wouldn’t have to wait too long before he opened the door. She was about to knock again when the door cracked open. Isimi pushed her way in and shut the door firmly behind her.

“I’m sorry I’m late… My mom was taking forever to get out of the house.” She explained apologetically.

“How much time do we have?” He asked her

“About two hours… Give or take…” She replied.

“Well then… We’ve got to get right to it, innit?” His tone sounded playful.

Isimi watched Max take of his shirt without inhibition. He was the sexiest 24 year old she’d ever laid eyes on. His body was toned with smatterings of fine hair on his chest, lower abdomen and armpits. His flat abdomen tapered down to incredibly strong, straight legs. He worked out alot. He used to play American football back in the U.S. until an injury ruled him out. Now, in the room alone, everything in Isimi melted. He was her first love… The one who’d made her a woman.

“Come her baby” he said softly in his gruff American accent.

As if in a trance, Isimi walked up to him, her eyes dim with need. She was wet… Oh so very wet and needed the heat only he could provide her.

“I’ve missed you baby…. I almost broke my promise not to see you outside these walls. It’s been so long boo. ” he told her as he pulled her close.

Isimi sighed as his lips touched hers, sending waves of pleasure-like neurons, all over her body. She kissed him back; letting her kiss transmit every feeling she harbored inside for him.

“Fuck! I need you naked Isimi….” He growled hungrily.

Isimi took off her gown and stood before him, naked. No bra, no panties. He sucked in his breath appreciatively.

“God! You drive me crazy baby…” He muttered as he led her back to his bed.

They kissed… Long, deep, passionately… Their feelings exhibited by their unbelievable chemistry.

“I’m gonna eat you now baby. You want me to eat you?”

“Yes please…” Isimi sounded breathless.

He slid down and parted her thighs.She was breathing hard with expectation.He part her vagina, exposing her pink core.She gasped at his touch.He leaned close and kissed her core.She moaned as his lips touched her pussy.

He buried his face in her core, kissing it tenderly, savoring her taste and making her juice flow. Then his tongue went to work. He flicked her clitoris, making it elongate in pleasure before sucking on it. Isimi thrashed about on the bed, her moans coming louder and louder as her pleasure soared. A finger replaced his tongue, digging into her vagina, aided by her flowing juice.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!! So fucking wet. I love how wet you get for me baby.” He sounded hoarse with need.

His finger toyed with her inside… going in and out while he watched her squirm in mindless erotism. His cock was rock hard and throbbing. He could feel the precum at

his tip and he wanted her to taste it. He rose above her, making sure all 6.5inch erection was in her face… Veined and throbbing.

“Lick my precum baby. Lick it for me…” He ordered.

Isimi rose on her elbows and opened her mouth obediently. He stuck the tip of his cock in her mouth and watched her lick it all up like a thirsty waif. Then she began to suck on his cap, twirling her tongue around the rim of his tip before sucking it. She didn’t take his length in her mouth… He didn’t want her to. He wanted fuck her… Feel her juice all over his cock. He pushed away from her face, using his leg to push her thighs wider apart. Positioning himself atop her, he stared into her eyes and leaned to kiss her tenderly.

“I love you Isimioluwa Joseph. I love you so much my Diamond.” He told her sincerely.

“I love you too Imade. I love you way more than you can imagine.” She whispered back to him.

His eyes narrowed as he guided his cock into her, pressing in slowly… Letting her swallow him up inch by delicious inch. A sigh escaped her as he pressed in deeper till almost all of him was buried in her. Then he stopped and didn’t move.

“Call my name baby… Call me all you call me when we sext and chat… I need to hear my name from your lips.” He said as he nibbled her ears and placed tiny kisses on her neck.

“Imade…. Imade my heart…. Imade my all… Isimi was made for Imade…” She said in her sexiest voice.

“Fuck yeah! You were made for me baby” he said possessively and began to thrust into her.

Isimi wound her arms around him as he fucked her… his waist moving like a machine. She began to pant as his pace increased. Spreading her legs wider and lifting her hips a little, she whimpered.

“I’m… I’m…. Going to cum…. I’m going to cum baby….”

Imade increased his pace, fucking her fast and with a fury that made her explode in screams and scratches. He held still as she spasmed, allowing the rest of the orgasmic tide wash over her in wave after wave. He kissed her again… Glad that her parched lips found some moist in his mouth. They kissed for a bit, tasting, relishing, drawing love from their depths. He got off her and rolled to the side, pulling her to him till she lay on top of him like a baby. Her body was soft and warm and he didn’t want to let her go. H let her rest, caressing her hair and trying not to think that they had a mere two hours together.

“Baby… My service will be over soon… You know that don’t you?” He asked.

Isimi nodded. She didn’t like to think about him leaving.

“And I have to return to the U.S.” he continued.

“Why do you have to go? Your dad owns a thriving Architecture Firm and he gets loads of contracts. You could stay and work in his company.” Isimi sounded desperate.

“It’s not as easy as you think Isimi. There’s alot of things you don’t know about my family.” He sounded calm but the thought of traveling and leaving her alone tore at him on a daily.

“We’ve only been together 7months and it feels like a lifetime. How will I deal when you leave?” She asked, her voice wavering.

“You could come with me… Make a case for yourself. Tell your dad you wanna go finish your schooling in America.” He suggested hopefully.

Isimi sighed. She’d tried that a month after meeting Imade. Her dad had almost agreed but her mother had thrown a spanner, hammer, forklift… in the wheels of her plan. One more reason she resented her a little.

“Come here… This moment right now? Is about us. Imade and Isimi. Let’s not ruin it. Kiss me baby…” He said.

Isimi kissed him, her immature lips giving him pleasure that more experienced lips couldn’t. He ran his hands all over her body, stopping to squeeze her butt possessively. His erection that had lost steam while she rested, sprang up valiantly.

“Come ride me baby…” He urged her.

“I don’t know how to ride well…” She admitted shyly.

“I’ll guide you…” He said.

She assumed the straddle position, held the base of his cock and sank down on it. he watched her pussy take all of him in and resisted the urge to ram her till he split her in two. She was still tight and new to sex… All she knew, he had taught her. He didn’t want to be rough with her but she drove him crazy with her naive ways and innocence. He’d been with countless girls in the U.S… All freaky, experienced and mad but none turned him on as fast as Isimi did. Rm the first time he’d set eyes on her, he’d had an erection.

Holding her waist steady, he began to move her back and forth, urging her to ‘put her back into it’. She followed his lead, moving her waist back and forth, increasing the pace when she noticed his eyes darken. She loved to pleasure him, see his eyes darken with desire. She continued moving back and forth really fast… making him groan. He grabbed her hips and started jamming from beneath her, making her bounce up and down with the force of his thrusts. Isimi moaned aloud, holding on to his shoulder for support.

“Gawd! I could fuck all day baby. You’re so sweet… Fuck it!” He groaned.

Isimi wanted to do more for him… Wanted to please him… Wanted him to orgasm like she had. But she didn’t know what else to do outside what she was presently doing. She leaned down to kiss him but instead, he grabbed a breast and stuck it in his mouth, sucking it for dear life. A feeling of searing need pierced through her at the sensation her was creating from her nipples to her loins. Not letting go of her breast, he locked his arm around her waist and fucked her hard, making her scream. When he released her breast, the peaked nipple shone proudly.

He gently pushed her off him and rose above her. He kissed her breasts and used his tongue to trail a path down to her belly-button. She moaned and twisted from side to side as his mouth descended lower and lower till he was staring at her core. Without warning, he buried his face in her wet pussy… Sucking, licking and tongue-fucking her till her legs began to shake. Then rising swiftly, he entered her and began to pound her furiously… Delivering strokes that brushed every corner of her wet pussy. Isimi cried out in orgasm, her beautiful, young, 20year old face, twisted into a mask of beautiful ecstasy. Imade stared intently at her face as he fucked her… Mesmerized by her fuck-face and all the emotions he could read on it.

“Oh Gaaaaawd…. I’m gonna cum baby…. Fuck! Arrrrrrrrh…. I love you. I love you baby. I love you….”

She felt him pulsate inside her… his cock shooting jizz deep inside. The feel of his cum… The sound of him climaxing… The way he grabbed her butt and pressed deeper as he filled her up and best of all, the heat in his breath as it fanned his ear pushed her over the brink of. She came again, thrashing, panting and calling out his name. Spent, he lay on top of her for a brief moment before realizing that his weight might be too much for her to bear. He kissed her before rolling off her. She smiled and snuggled beside him. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. They lay in silence till they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.


She rolled in her sleep and her body touched his. Her eyes flew open. She looked at the clock on the wall and realized that it was 4:37p.m. Isimi practically levitated in fast-forward. Ignoring the semen running down her thighs, she picked up her gown, wore it with lightening speed and bolted from the room. She didn’t stop running even when she entered her compound. She ran all the way to the front door and up the stairs without waiting to see if her parents were back. She entered her bedroom and slammed the door shut. A took off her dress and entered the bathroom to shower… Her heart pounding…. Her head concocting all manner of excuses. She dressed up in jeans and an oversized sweater, wondering if her parents were back and how long. After ten agonizing minutes, her phone rang and made her jump. She picked it and realized it was her mother.

“Hello? Isimi… Where have you been? I called you a few minutes ago”

“I’m sorry mummy. I was in the shower…” She replied; the rush of blood to her head almost deafening her.

“Oh… Ok. Tell Bimpe that Daddy is bringing home guests. She should make dinner enough for eight, ok?” Said Mummy G.O.

“Ok mummy. Will do.” Isimi replied with a sigh.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You’re sounding out of breath. Do you have a cold?” Mummy G.O sounded inquisitive and suspicious, as usual.

“Mummy, I’m fine. Bye! I’m still reading.” Isimi hung up before her mother could ask any more questions.

She heaved a relieved sigh and sank on her bed. Then she picked up her phone with a smile. She typed in a text message for Imade.

“…. Imade my ALL. Sorry to have left suddenly. Didn’t know I slept off. Thankfully, my parents are still in Church. I love you so much baby. Talk to you when you wake up.”

She punched SEND and smiled. She wasn’t expecting a reply so soon but it came in. She read it and her eyes widened.

“… Sneak out tonight. Come sleep over. Please. I’d die if you didn’t. I need you by my side this night. I want to hold you and kiss you and make love to you all night… Please baby… Say you will…”

Isimi sighed. She stared at her phone in silence for a long time. Then she typed in her reply.


Imade stared at his phone and licked his bottom lip as his incredibly handsome face glowed with a smile. Her reply was all he’d wished.

“… See you at 11.p.m.”


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  1. Wow, super delicious story! Deeply imagining wt Simi looks like in my head. I bet she’s not as cute as a very fair & sexy chic I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time a few months ago. Definitely a dream chic.

  2. Hahahahahahh. It can’t end like his na. Haba. For all those bober religious parents…easy sha. Lobe this

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