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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 12. Written by Da goddess.

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That was a close shave. I was glad I listened to my heart when it told me to get out of there fast. I didn’t even want to think of what could have happened if I had given in to what I was feeling and allowed Kayode to take me in his arms. If I had succumbed to the passion raging in between my legs only to have his wife walk in on us!!! The thought alone caused my blood pressure to go up a notch. I hurried off to check the other patients hoping Kayode heard me when I greeted his wife. I knew he wouldn’t have trouble getting rid of his huge erection. The same way it suddenly sprang to life just by touching me and talking to me, the same way I’m sure it’ll shrink knowing his rich wife was a few feet at his door. I wasn’t through checking the other admitted patients so I quickly did that before returning to my duty post. Since we didn’t have much to do, Yemisi, Ngozi and I started gisting to while away the time. Yemisi brought up Kayode in our gist. I noticed Ngozi wasn’t the least bit interested or impressed. That was strange. Maybe because he was married.

Can’t you girls talk about something else? Especially you Yemisi. Men, men, men, men everyday” Ngozi hissed angrily

It’s getting boring already

Yemisi laughed out loud

Ahhhh, before what else can be so interesting to talk about. Come to think of it Ngozi, you don’t have a boyfriend, you don’t like talking about men, now that’s freaking suspicious. Hope you ain’t a lesbo?

I quickly turned to look at Ngozi at the mention of lesbo. Haa, no wonder she grabbed my ass the other day.

Yemisi you disgust me” and with that said she angrily walked away while Yemisi shouted after her laughing

The truth is bitter o

Na wa o. As fine as she is. Which girl no like prick abeg. It’s just so hard to fathom.

I faced Yemisi with my mouth opened about to confirm what she just said when I heard a loud screech. Turning towards the direction of the noise I saw a black car pulling up at our parking lot with a man getting out like a demon was on his tail. He opened the passenger door, leaned in and when he came out a heavily pregnant woman was in his arms. I rushed over to open the sliding door to ease his entry forgetting that it’s automatic and opens on its own.

oh God, please help me. Please help my wife. She’s in labor

Nurse Yemisi quickly went into action. We got the woman settled in the labor room. I undressed her while Yemisi strapped on her gloves to check her contractions. The transformation was astonishing. She was no longer the sex crazed nurse I know. She was all business with concern written all over her face. It amazed me I had to confess. The woman’s water was already broken and the contractions had started.

Yemisi inserted her hand in the lady’s vagina to check how far along she was. I saw shock registered on her face as she withdrew her hands and immediately started touching her tummy

oh shit” she exclaimed as she turned to me saying “we have a breach position

A breach is when the baby’s head is facing up instead of down towards the vagina. If a baby is in a head-down position, with the back of his head slightly towards the front of his mother’s tummy (anterior position), her labor is likely to be shorter and easier. Most babies get into this position by the end of pregnancy in an anterior position, the baby fits snugly into the curve of the pelvis. During labor, the baby will curl his back over, and tuck his chin into his chest. The labor and birth should progress easily if the baby is in this position, because: The top of the baby’s head puts rounded, even pressure on the neck of the uterus (cervix) during contractions. This helps the cervix to widen and the body to produce the hormones one needs for labor.

During the pushing stage, the baby moves through the pelvis at an angle, so that the smallest area of his head comes first. Try putting on a tight polo neck without tucking in your chin and you’ll understand how this works!

When the baby gets to the bottom of the pelvis, he turns his head slightly, so that the widest part of his head is in the widest part of the pelvis. The back of his head can then slip underneath the pubic bone. As he is born, his face sweeps across the area between the vagina and back passage. This baby was in a transverse Position. A baby in the transverse position is sideways. Often, the shoulders or back are over the mother’s cervix. This is also called the shoulder, or oblique, position.

Unless the baby can be turned into head-first position, a vaginal birth would be too risky for the mother and the baby.  Doctors delivers the baby by C-section.

Yemisi pulled off her gloves, washed her hands, picked up the phone to call the midwife. Dr. James I heard wasn’t in the country at the moment.

The husband noticed something wasn’t right so he walked towards us asking,

Nurse what is the problem? Please tell me everything is alright?

I understood what he was going through and since Yemisi was on the phone it was left to me to tell him the bad news, a job I hate doing.

I’m sorry sir but the baby is in the wrong position

With trembling lips and confusion he asked

What exactly does that mean?

I put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him

If we can’t turn the baby to the right position a C-section have to be carried out

haaaaaaaaaaa” he screamed with his hands on his head “No o, God will not allow it. Nurse please try your best” he clutched my hands causing pains to cascade down my spine. I quickly withdrew my hands and assured him we’ll do our best.

Just then a plump matured lady walked in heading straight to the lady in labor, checking to confirm what Yemisi told her. That must be the midwife. I walked over to them to know the situation. Yemisi leaned over and whispered in my ears,”If anyone can deliver this woman of her baby without a C-section its mama Praise

Really!!! I leaned over to watch her perform her tricks or magic. She told us to close our eyes as she said a quick prayer.After the short prayer she quickly wore her gloves and spoke to the woman in labour who was already panting

Alright sweetie, everything is gonna be alright. I need you to push for me

The lady screamed and pushed while the nurse inserted her hand in her vagina trying to turn the baby around.

That’s it, take a deep breath. Now let’s go again

The lady screamed and pushed as hard as she could crying at the same time while her husband held her hands urging her on.

Please nurse get it out” she cried, “I can’t stand the pain

I wiped a tear from my eyes. It’s always painful watching women giving birth. If I had my way I’ll love to be absent. The agony on their faces, knowing you can’t do anything till the baby is out.

“Baby it’s gonna be alright, you know I love you so much” the husband tried to comfort her.

She yelled at him with a crazed look, with saliva flying out of her mouth “You bastard!!! I hate you so much. You’re the cause of all this“. It would have been funny and I would have laughed till I could laugh no more but right now it wasn’t funny at all. Suddenly the husband screamed and held his hand.  His wife just bit him. Well this happens a lot in the labor room.

Oh God please help me o. Jesus. Mummy o. Oh mama so this is what you went through when you had me. I promise never to disrespect you oooooooooooooo, oh somebody help me Jesussssssssssssss“,  she screamed giving a harder push.

I saw something coming out from her vagina but it wasn’t the head of the baby.  It was, it was, hope I’m seeing clearly, the baby’s leg. That ain’t right at all. Suddenly the baby’s leg went back in the pushing continued until finally the nurse was able to get a grip on the babies shoulder. She started drawing it out gently. The head slowly emerged. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank GOD she won’t have to go through a C-Section.

Jesus!!!” the midwife shouted out. Shock went through my body wondering what went wrong. Her vagina had closed in on the baby’s head and refused opening

Push” she urged the lady

I can’t I’m so tired“, the lady replied gasping for breath.

I’ve never seen such a thing before, what is this?” mama Praise shouted “oh GOD help her“. She ran to her bag, brought out a bottle, rushed to the lady and emptied its content on the lady’s vagina. I looked at the bottle and it was a bottle of olive oil. I heard mama Praise mumbling something as she rubbed the oil in.  What is she up to now I wondered but I didn’t wonder for long because she started singing and worshiping God. My face registered surprise, are we not supposed to call Dr. Miles now that the situation is critical I wondered. I turned to Yemisi and saw her eyes closed singing along with her hands lifted high. This is serious. The husband joined and I had no choice but to join too before they think I’m the demon in their mist.

Mama Praise raised her voice praying and speaking in tongues for God to have mercy, give the mother strength and make this baby come out. After about two minutes of prayer she rubbed the anionting oil on the mothers head

Now dear, you can do this. God said all is well. Nothing will happen to you or your baby. Be a darling and give me one last push

The lady screamed, pushing with all her strength. Finally the baby slipped out into mama Praise waiting hands

The husband shouted thanking Jesus while I gave out a loud sigh of relief. Yemisi started dancing round with the husband. But wait oh, there was no cry from the baby. The midwife used her fingers in spanking the baby’s ass but still no response. He was still with mouth tightly sealed. Yemisi and the husband had stopped dancing noticing something was wrong, watching with fearful eyes as mama Praise tried to make the baby cry. She opened a bottle of spirit and poured it on the baby’s body, then gave it a harder spank with her finger. Suddenly the baby cried out loud. I breathed another sigh of relief while Yemisi and the husband resumed their dance of joy. It was a baby girl. A lovely baby girl. After mama Praise had cleaned the mother and baby up she gathered us round to say a prayer of thanks to God above. I was so happy and so was everyone. This was a miracle. If the midwife wasn’t around Dr. Miles would have insisted on a c-section.

Later Yemisi told me mama Praise was married to a pastor. She always depend more on God than her medical expertise. I promised God that I’ll make it to church this Sunday and begged him for forgiveness for all the times I forgot to acknowledge him. Just then I heard a voice

Sweetheart what is the problem?

Kayode was  by his door staring at me with concern. In my joyous state I didn’t know that tears had started streaming down my eyes. I sniffed wiping the tears with the back of my hand mumbling that nothing was wrong and those were just tears of joy.

You can’t tell me nothing dear. Come here“,  He drew me into his room. I was reluctant to enter but his strength was amazing. Within seconds I was in his room with him standing so close waiting for an answer. How can one be so handsome I wondered. Just look at him.  Everything seemed perfect, his nose, eyes, beards, and those pink smallish lips. He doesn’t even look sick. It’s not just fair. I didn’t know when I started sobbing. Everything happened so fast. One minute I was wrapped in his hands and the next, I was sucking on his lips rubbing my body on his like one sexually starved. Actually I was. With no boyfriend it’s been months I had sex. I wasn’t thinking straight. I was ready to devour and be devoured.

Da goddess. Twitter – @immune70

For inquiries, send mails to or tweet at @elsieisy

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  1. Scary the part about the child birth. Nurse Nancy u try o, ekushe, u just put the fear of giving birth in me

  2. Hmmm, nurse Nancy just made me fantasies really bad about Kayode. O God this is temptation ooo. Deliver us from

    1. Hahahaha I can’t blame you ooo. This story is so erotic even with all the hospital details

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