How the light is harvested


By Irsa Ruçi

I read within his eyesthe coldness of the words he whisperedillogically, memorized,with a guilty anger.Happiness is followed by steps formed by smilesIt’s echo is so longeven as a whisper heartbreathed between dreams.But for the theme of joy is always written in third personBecause the laughter is given to others,while for yourself … … For yourself is imposed peaceacquired from wisdom and calmnessand love:for the knowledge that obeys to the yearsfor the words that obeys knowledgefor years that obey to silenceas the highest form of faith …Always, there are several ways to see the light,the right one is to turned onthe candles of the soulwith a single breathAnd to give them to the timeSo it can preserve them as treasures of mankind; for the generations that will comeUntil they will know the real war:The human war with himselffinding goodness,even where from the traces of the stepsthe peace has remained deserted …© Irsa Ruçi      (Translated by Stela Xega)

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