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Social Media Conversation with the Kids - elsieisy blog

Hey you, how was the weekend? Mine was calm and restful. I believe yours was more fun (Yea, I know). Let’s take a break from the Love Literati contest and get back to our normal business while we wait for our winners.

Ever had that conversation with your kids or younger ones? No, I do not mean sex education conversation (of course that is totally necessary) but social media lifestyle conversation? As much as social media is the new cool and where a lot of positivity can happen, it requires wisdom and knowledge not to fall in the wrong hands.

Social media is totally fun, it’s pretty easy but you have to be social media smart. There are information that should not be put out on social media for any reason. Except you are planning to be a social media personality or you are an international or local celebrity, there are things you have no business doing. This does not mean you will be arrested for doing them but hey! You have to be ready to bear the consequences of your actions whether good or bad. And most times, it comes with both.

While connecting with people and making friends/business partners, it’s necessary to remember your intent and why you do what you do. No matter how friendly you begin to grow with a social media contact, it is necessary to know things to hold on to or let go. They remain strangers until they stop being strangers. This stranger or friend may be really friendly and not want to harm you any way, but how sure are you of your social network friends’ social media lifestyle, security and etiquettes. All these can in turn harm you as social media is a world of unending links and connections.

Because I know you may want to have that conversation but not know how to and what to say, below is a video sent to me via whatsapp. I find it totally educating for younger ones and can also guide you in having that conversation with your children or younger ones. You may also think your child is tech savvy than you are and can handle these things but you really need to guide them. We all need guidance at one point or the other.

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