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Despite so many blog posts on the web on “How to start a blog”, this question remains one of the top questions I get asked via email, on various social media platforms and in person. Sometimes, I just want to respond with “Google is your friend you know” but I simply tell them to research on WordPress and Blogspot then make their choice. Now this blog post will serve as a pointer for me when else I need to answer such question. So believe me when I say this blog post is for you just as much as it is for me. I don’t have to say the same thing over and over again.How to start a blog - elsieisy blog

There are more than ten different blogging platforms just like WordPress and Blogspot but these two (or three counting & separately) are the most populous blogging platforms. You really still do need to research in order to find out which platform suits your blogging aim/need perfectly. Here are steps to start a blog:

Decide what you want to blog:

Deciding what you want to blog before you start blogging doesn’t mean you have to stick with that decision for the rest of your blogging life, there is always room to evolve as a blogger. It only means you can make clear plans on how to create relevant content for your blog and reaching your target audience.


Choose your domain name (the perfect domain name):

Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing your company name/Brand. It requires a lot of consideration. However, make sure it is easy to type, keep it short, try using key words that describes your business (if possible/necessary), avoid numbers and hyphens and try a domain name that sticks.


Choose your hosting option:

Getting your host is like getting your own shop space in a market place. You have your content, you have your business name and you definitely need your own space to be noticed and transact. Hosting are available in wide range of prices ranging from a few dollar to thousands of dollars. When choosing your hosting provider you definitely want to look at their speed, support, security and cost. Contrary to popular notion, the effectiveness of your host does not necessarily depend on how expensive it comes. Just make sure you do your research and be safe.

Design your blog

A good theme gives you the look and feel you want for your blog. If you are not a coder, the theme helps the design easier. However, there are themes which requires the service of a coder to get the beauty of its full design and even more. You may want to hire an experienced web designer. Find out 5 things a standard blog must have HERE

You are good to go!

You can now write compelling content that adds value to readers. Information, fun, sarcasm, etc, whatever your value maybe, be good at serving them both hot and cold.


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