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We’re all looking

for something better

than what we are;

something deeper

than what we’ve felt;

something stronger

than what we’ve sensed;

something more honest

than what we’ve

been telling ourselves;

something more steady;

something more calm;

something more real

than what we’ve experienced;

something that never

winds up hurting us

in the end;

something sweet

that isn’t addictive;

something alive

that doesn’t die on us;

something powerful

that never loses its grace;

something that never runs dry;

something that never talks back;

something that comforts us

when we are hurt;

something that understands

the existential pain;

something that does not lack

in the moments

when we need it most;

something that is brave

when we are full of fear;

something that fits the bill;

something that naturally

smiles for the camera

without having to fake the cheese;

something rich without pretension;

something high without a kite.

  • by Scott Thomas Outlar

Feature Image from Elusive Art Photography

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  1. Scott captured that sense of unfulfillment that trails all of us no matter the adulation, love, money, or respect we get. It is a search for something that we will most probably not get this side of heaven. Beautifully written.

  2. I felt a deep sense of longing wile reading this, longing for the unattainable, whising it was reachable. Scott did wonderfully well with this piece.

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