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Hey guys!

We’ve come to the final stage of the Love Literati contest on ELSiEiSY Blog, sponsored by Ebony & Indigo Natural Skin Care Boutique, Dhoney Beadz and Friends of ELSiEiSY.

Below are the list of entrants who made it into the final and voting stage of our on-going contest:

Hyacinths and memories’ by Victor Daniel

Waiting for nirvana’ by Felicia Taave

Falling grace’ by Adejumoke Balogun

Budding friendship’ by Onakoya Toluwanimi

How to love a difficult thing’ by Kamnelechukwu Susan Obasi

Holy Halo by Scott Thomas Outlar

I am Your Last Destination by Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

A Dame to Live for’ by Famous Ogbewe

The Burden of Love’ by Iyiola Abiola

My Distant Lover’ by Rukayat Yaro

Tested and tried’ by Nkechukwu Otike – Odibi

Lavender marriage’ by Hilary Nzube

Mimi’ by Agboola Timi Israel

This was love I suppose…till it was too late’ by Alofe Oluwakemi

Two worlds, one love’ by Salim Yunusa

Knowing me, knowing you by Mac Izu

14 Reasons, 14 Days, by Iteoluwakishi

I Waited by Oluwatimilehin

Memories We Shared by Wisdom Bartholomew

Journal Entry by Adesola Billy Praise


Kindly read and drop a comment, as your comments will pick the 5 lucky winners. Winners will be picked on the 23rd of February 2017 at 11:59pm and announced on the 24th of February. While getting votes in form of comments, contestants should note that spamming a post will amount to automatic disqualification and you will not be notified until the end of the contest.

Spamming a post includes dropping a comment more than once with same IP address and different names.

The quality of comments will attract more attention. Meaning a comment as simple as “nice write-up” will attract less counts than a comment that talks about the lessons and/or maybe intrigues of the creative content. I mean, we all know the stories are nice.

Goodluck Dearies

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  1. No matter how this turns out, I want you to know that you are an AWESOME writer. Keep writing.

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