Hello November!

Happy new month from elsieisy.com

I remember what state my mind was at this time last year. I was disappointed with life and how little I have and have achieved. Being alive wasn’t a miracle to me let alone good health. I was bitter and withdrawn. The word ‘fun’ was missing in my personal dictionary and so it affected my Xmas fun.

That feeling was an accumulated reaction to the seeming failure of last year. I wanted more. I was not contended. I needed to look am myself and smile. I looked forward to too many breakthrough from January 2014 and by November, I just knew none of them were going to happen.

I resolved in self-pity. I was cranky. I mean, it was the 11th month of 12 months. I didn’t know what else to do. Until January 2015. In my own despair, I was reading up different articles online. Bloggers and columnists, sharing their experiences. Some shared how disappointed they felt (at least I wasn’t alone) while some were busy counting their load of blessings.

Then I stumbled on one post from a blog. I can bite myself for not remembering where I read it but I know it changed how I felt. It gave me a new direction and purpose. It rekindled my strength and made me understand that the point of breakthrough doesn’t just happen. It is an accumulated result of years of hard-work and prayer. I realised I am on a journey and I am working towards my time.

This is the very reason I respect every one who put words out there, no matter how small your audience is, the positivity or negativity from your posts affects someone’s life.

Now in November 2015! Disappointment is far from me. I am glad. Looking from the carnal view, I’ll gladly say 2015 has been beautiful, refreshing and daring. I have learnt a lot from this year and will share before stepping into 2016 by God’s grace.

My message for you today is;

As long as you have remained steadfast, on the right track, hardworking, consistent and prayerful, where you think you are now doesn’t matter. You are alive. Tomorrow is promised. And your future has just begun.

I still want more. so much more! That hasn’t changed…I am aiming greater heights, aiming to touch lives through this blog but I am glad I have come this far and it is working.

Happy new month - November

I urge you to step into this month of November still being optimistic. Don’t give sadness, regret, pain and disappointment room. You are a shinning star and the attention will be directed at you soon.

Hello November ! Happy New Month

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