Shades of Perfection

He called me perfect and I embraced the name; he told me I was all he could have ever wanted and I accepted this. He refused to compare me to anyone or anything, for the one better than me hadn’t been born…or so he said. Therefore was I confused, to find him in the arms of another as he eagerly thrusted in and out, longing to find his relief. My world was made imperfect and my life incomplete. Suddenly, the one better than I had been born and I could now be compared. My perfection had been stained by the ink of imperfection and I had not what he wanted. I was shattered and the air I breathed was being drained out of me – not fast but slowly, as if fate wanted me to feel every form of pain it could offer. Would I ever recover from this? Or would I forever have a life in the past that I refuse to let go of? Is this what they go through in the movies of MNet or is fate just playing some joke on me, while catching its amusement? Yes, I would recover, I would accept not what anyone called me, but what I truly am. I have refused to lose what is real, clinging to what once was. I might not be the perfect girl I was to him, I might not even be the perfect girl they look for outside, but I am beautiful just as I am−inside out.shades of perfection I am a Beautiful Imperfection. Praise (@MzRynu) 

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  1. Men!!! They’ll tell u anything to get laid. They always know da right words. They dip their tongue in honey so they can say sweet things, na their way, still dear just know that your are wonderfully and fearfully made. Cheers

  2. Perfected in imperfection. I am what I say I am and what I don’t want I don’t dwell on it. Good words

  3. There’s an adage that says look before you leap, seriously we have talented sweet talkers everywhere who can you fall when you least expected, be guided.

  4. Until we realise that we are enough,we will keep settling. I love the last paragraph of this piece. It is the truth we all should know and believe.

  5. This is wonderful We shouldn’t allow ones choice of rhinestones over diamond make us feel less than we really are

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