By Damescaucus

Tunde fine sha… mi o le pa iro!

That was Alhaja’s thought as she stared at him. He had just come out of the flat he shared with his older sister and was fetching water from the pump outside. She watched him with an intensity that could singe the average human. She had done everything to lure Tunde but sadly, he never took the bait. He was the area fine-boy… tall, dark, well-built with the funny sporty-waves curl on his head. He was just the kind of guy Alhaja liked. He wasn’t the metro-sexual kind of guy. His bushy brows needed trimming as was his tuff of chest hair. He left his armpit hair and presently, from her vantage peeping position, Alhaja could see them peeking from the sides of his arm. His legs were muscular, athletic… his Saturday football stint with his peers made sure of that. But Alhaja’s favorite part of his anatomy was his cock. His schlong wasn’t the long type. He had an average sized dick. But what he lacked in length, he made up for in girth.

Oko boy yi ni swag fun ara e!

He was in his usual house-wear of singlet and boxers and she could see the outline of his ‘preek’ from said boxers as he bent down to place his bucket under the running tap. Though they had shrunken to a disappointing length, she could still tell the girth by the constant dangling whenever he moved. Alhaja imagined how big it would grow when erect and her fleshy pussy moistened instantly. She needed him NOW and was willing to give her gold and diamonds just to have him fuck her. Taking in a deep breath, Alhaja began to plot.

Bobo yi oo le escape me loni!

Alhaja was a single mother to two teenage children, from different fathers. She had never been married and her baby-daddies were very rich, very randy and pathetically illiterate. They had been awed by her beauty and the fact that she was a graduate… which she wasn’t. But they had bought her false life hook, line and sinker and had wasted no time filling her up with their individual seeds. Alhaja’s kids were her claim to fame. Her baby daddies kept her in the lap of luxury and she relished it. Her kids were in the prestigious Corona Private school, sponsored by their respective dads… she had three shops at Alade Shopping Complex where she sold pricey Swiss lace, Designer handbags and an array of weaves ranging from Peruvian, Indian and Brazilian hair piece(s). She was pretty, bottle-bleached fair, buxom and looked far younger than her 45years.  To all extent and purpose, she was rich, successful and had loads of money to throw around on boy-toys.

Tunde was her tenant’s brother. He just finished serving and was looking for a job. He had approached her about finding him a suitable Engineering job in a successful company. Sadly, Alhaja hadn’t been able to connect him to any company and she felt bad. If she had been successful, Tunde would have been eating from her palms. Then she remembered something. Chief Ajalekoko from the Yoruba Country Club owed her a favor. This was the time to call in that favor. She picked her phone and dialed Chief’s number.

Je ki’n dismiss awon omo mi sharply. Mi o le wa gawk ara mi!

Her children had been quite surprised and elated when she handed them five thousand naira and told them to visit the cinema to watch any movie they wanted. The driver was to take them there and wait till they were done. Her instructions were simple… Her daughter, Mosebolatan, was to ring her when they were done and returning home. Her son, Ayobami was to keep a close eye on Mosebolatan and report to her if she so much and smiled at any boy. Her children scampered out of the house in glee and Alhaja heaved a sigh of relief. She took a shower, applied her ‘M’obo tight’ cream to her vagina. (M’obo tight was a vagina tightening cream she had bought on her last trip to Saudi Arabia) She applied liberal portions and expected her pussy to be tight and ready for Tunde’s arrival. She changed into some chiffon robe and doused perfume under her breasts, armpit, pussy, butt-crack behind her ears and on her wrists. She brought out a bottle of big stout, turned on her TV to AfricaMAgic Yoruba and waited.

Ni bo ni Tunde waa, tori Olorun?

She was on her second bottle of big stout, yet Tunde hadn’t showed up. She looked at her wrist-watch impatiently and reached for her cell-phone when she heard the knock. She dropped her cell-phone, her heart racing in anticipation as she opened the door. Tunde stood outside, looking uncertain and a little worried. She ushered him in and smiled broadly was he walked past him. he had showered and looked fresh. He was wearing a tan T-shirt and checkered three quarter short. Alhaja smacked her lips longingly as she watched his tight ass walk towards her couch. She closed and locked the door, without alerting any suspicions and smiled when she noticed he was staring at the half empty bottle of big stout.Shey you want big stout ni?  -Alhaja asked in her most pleasant voice.

Ah, no… thank you ma. -Tunde responded.

Take big stout joor. You that is dodging me ka kiri. -Alhaja said.

She gets a bottle of big stout and opens it for him. Tunde smiles in gratitude and takes a sip. A few minutes of uncomfortable silence hung between them till Tunde cleared his throat to speak.

Errr… Alhaja ma… I’m curious to know why you want to see me. –He said … his voice sounding hesitant.

Alhaja knew this was her moment. She had to make sure she dropped the news in a way that would make him eternally grateful. So, she recounted her call to Chief Ajalekoko… how she presented his case to Chief and how she was able to draw out an appointment for Tunde. Chief Ajalekoko was into Real Estate Development. Tunde had heard about him and was surprised that Alhaja had gotten him this opportunity. He got up and wanted to prostrate in gratitude but Alhaja was quick to stall him.

E ma wo boy yi o. Haaa!

Ma dobale fun me jor. ‘Mi o kin se arugbo o. Sisi ma ni mi –She told him with a chuckle.

Too happy with the news, Tunde settled down more comfortably and drank his stout. Alhaja offered him another bottle and he accepted. They drank and talked about the government, corruption and eventually AfricaMagic Yoruba. This last topic gave her the perfect sexual opening she was struggling for. She got up, slipped a porno DVD into her DVD Player and pressed play. She didn’t turn to look at the expression on his face when the picture of a man eating out a woman came on. She ignored him and returned to her seat on the couch, picked up her drink and sipped. Stealing a glance, she noticed that he appeared uncomfortable but as the moans of the porn-actress began to ring out, he shifted uncomfortably. Alhaja smiled coyly. She knew he was getting turned on. A few minutes slipped by and she offered him yet another bottle. He declined but she brought it to him anyways. As she served him the drink, she realized the bulge in his shorts had increased remarkably.

Ha… wo, ma do shege kuro la ra e!

Standing in front of him, she shrugged off the hands of her nightie and stood before him naked. He stared at her in silence for a bit and took in a deep breath. Alhaja was not discouraged by her saggy breasts and stomach. She might have stretch marks the size of a tapeworm but she wasn’t ashamed. Childbirth hadn’t been fair to her but she was making the most of it. To her, what mattered was the skill she harbored in her pussy… and the pussy got SKILLS… aplenty! Alhaja walked towards Tunde confidently and kneeled before him. She reached to unfasten the buttons and zipper of his shorts but his hand stopped her. The look on his face was a mixture of excitement and uncertainty.

Alhaja, I can’t do this… we can’t do this… you kids… –Tunde’s voices was hoarse though.

Won ti jade… they haff go out. –Came her prompt response.

She pushed his hand aside and unfastened his shorts, urging him to lift his butt slightly to aid their removal. He wasn’t wearing boxers underneath. He was semi-erect but as her eyes stared at his cock with longing, it stiffened. Alhaja saw the uncertainty still etched on his face. She didn’t want him to have a moment to think things through. She straddled him, held his stiff cock in her hand and sank down slowly over him… taking him into her fleshy core. Tunde gasped and stiffened his ass. She only paused for a moment because his girth was fatter than she’s anticipated. His cock bruised its way into her, eliciting a moan and instant sucking-in of her breath.

Yee! A pa yan l’oko e yi…

Tunde’s initial reluctance disappeared as his dick ground through the soft, wet mass that was her pussy. He thrust his hips up so his cock would be burrowed as deep as his length would allow. Alhaja screamed out and began to move. She positioned her hands  on the couch where his head rested and began to fuck him with an energy that shocked Tunde immobile. She bounced up and down on his cock, her wetness smearing his pelvis. He was too shocked to do much but lean back and enjoy the ride.

Sebi mo tin le e kiri… lati ijo yi…Owo mi ba e le ni!

She ground on his dick, back and forth… back and forth… back and forth… her waist moving like a makossa dancer.

Se o ro pe Alhaja o le se bi awon omo sisi t’oun ko kiri…

She changed the pattern again and began to bounce up and down his dick with a fury meant for the sexually possessed. She felt him stiffen his body and knew he was going to cum. She got off him and jerked him off, watching as his spunk spurt out in creamy delight. Tunde’s eyes widened at what had just happened. But Alhaja wasn’t done. She wiped his cock and her hands on her chiffon nightie. Then she leaned down and took his cock in her mouth, sucking turgidity back into it. Tunde’s groan was epic. He grabbed her head and urged it up and down, filling her mouth with his fat cock.

Aaaah… Alhaja…. Alhaja…. Alhaja… –Tunde groaned.

As soon as he was stiff enough, Alhaja got up and sat on his dick, reverse-cowboy style. Her full, flabby ass splayed themselves all over his hip and pelvis as her heated pussy engulfed him once more. Bending to hold his ankle, Alhaja began to move her ass. Tunde watched in amazement as her ass bounced on and off his cock with precision.

Se awon omo sisi yen le do e ba yi? ….Se won le se nkan ti m’oun se yi?

She fucked him so hard that he held onto her waist for dear life and groaned continuously

Sebi mo so fun e pe ti owo mi ba baa e, wa ri ran wo???

She stopped and got off his dick, watching him pant. She pulled him up from the sofa and urged him on to her plush rug. He lay on his back and watched her straddle and sit on his cock. Leaning forward till her saggy breasts swung like sad pendulums, she began to ride him hard. Tunde threw his head back and groaned.

Yeeh …Alhaja…. Alhaja… Alhaja…. Aaaaahhhhhhh….

She ground on him, rode him and bounced on his cock with a constant, continuous speed that threatened to cripple Tunde.

Ma fe do e pa leni! Wo, wa gba!

He stiffened again, feeling his climax rush to fore.

Faaaaaaccccck, Faaaaaaaack….. yeeeee….. Alhaaaaaajaaaaaaa

He groaned out as his face contorted into an ugly orgasmic mask. He grabbed her rotund waist and shot a bit of spunk into her before she bounced up and off his cock. She didn’t want him cumming inside her but he had done so. She dashed into her bedroom to get cleaned up. Tunde, gasping for breath, lay on the rug staring at his limp penis with his cum all over it and his pelvis. He was trying to catch his breath when he realized that Alhaja wasn’t in the living room with him. With what little energy he could muster, He reached for his shorts, wore it as fast as he could and staggered to the door. He unlocked it as quietly as he could and staggered out of Alhaja’s house.

Alhaja returned from her bedroom. Her pussy had been washed liberally with “Summer’s Eve” and she was ready to continue. Unfortunately, Tunde was not on the floor where she had left him. She looked around the living room quickly… noticing that his shorts were missing. Then she went to the entrance door and noticed it was unlocked. Her disappointment was instant.

Yeeeeee…. Tunde ti sa lo sha… ah!

She went to the window to peek. He was not outside and their flat seemed empty because the lights weren’t on. But she knew he was in there. She scowled. He had cum twice and she was yet to experience a single orgasm. She needed release… and since Tunde had ran away, she had to call for emergency back-up. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. She waited for it to ring at the other end till someone answered it. Then she spoke into the phone…

“Hello Taye… se o le wa si odo mi ni sinsin?”

Taye’s penis was not as fat as Tunde’s… he was long though and he could fuck. At any rate, all she needed was release. With a resigned sigh, she sat on the couch, sipped what was left of Tunde’s stout and began to wank as she watched porn and waited for Taye’s arrival.


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