Remarkable Places for an Outdoor Photoshoot in Lagos

You really don’t have much to worry about if you stay in Lagos or her environs when you decide to have an outdoor photoshoot. Lagos, the most populous city in the whole of Africa, is undoubtedly both naturally and artificially beautiful, embedded with tons of exciting places. People decide on having a shoot for different reasons; whether it’s your anniversary, birthday, wedding, or you just want to have a memorable photoshoot for the flare of it. Lagos has got you covered on heartwarming locations that are capable of blowing your mind away from this world, ranging from monumental parks to beaches, galleries, recreation centers, hotels, or clubs that all you have to do is pick a spot of your choice, and you’re good to go for a memorable shoot.

Here are some of the remarkable places where you can put your creativity and originality to use for an outdoor photoshoot in Lagos.

Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge

Yes, you read right! It’s the same bridge that links the Phase 1area of Lekki with the Ikoyi district of Lagos. As odd as it may seem, this Link Bridge is one of the remarkable spots for a delightful photoshoot, especially at night when you have the iconic colorful lights and the stars shining bright at you coupled with the Atlantic Ocean for a background. 

Jhalobia Recreation Park & Garden

Jhalobia recreation park & garden is one of the finest gardens in Lagos, and it is located between the Hajj Camp and Ajao Estate along Muritala Muhammed International Airport. The garden is notable for a beautiful outdoor experience that helps to connect people to nature. This spot is a multipurpose resort capable of serving as a location for different events (weddings, birthdays, product launches, etc.), as well as a go-to place for a quiet time or picnic. The ever-green lawns, walkways, waterfalls, sculptors, topiaries of different shapes, and many more make it a mind-blowing place to have your photoshoot at any corner and angle of the garden.

Tarkwa Bay

Everything about Tarkwa Bay is simply remarkable! It is a sheltered beach some kilometers away from Lagos Island, and it is one of the beautiful places that Lagos can boast off. The fact that the beach cannot be accessed by vehicles except with a ferry or boat is another sauce for it. A shot on the cruising boat or ferry to the bay or on the beach is always a sight to behold. The beautiful waves of the beach and horses are always pleasant to capture.

Lekki Conservation Centre

Just as the name implies, Lekki Conservation Centre is located in Lekki, immediately after Chevron, before the second Lekki Toll Gate. Trust me, you will absolutely fall in love with this place if you are the type to appreciate plants and animals in their natural habitat. The trees in the resort do not only make the environment healthy but also beautiful with various amenities such as the canopy walk, which poses as a very unique spot for your dream posture.

Lagos has a lot of beautiful places to have your desired photoshoot, and the ability to explore and be creative is what makes it more remarkable!

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