Moment of Truth

moment of truth

Dear, Military, Police and all Paramilitary, BULLETS ARE NOT VOTES SO, HOLD YOUR FIRE!

I must commence by condoling you for the loss of your colleagues and family members in the ongoing insecurity crisis and war against terror. Sorry for witnessing a moment of disturbance in the history of your carrier in our dear nation. It has being a difficult period in your lives, a period of frustration and anger. Your level of patience have been tested and abused but, you remain loyal and law abiding.

You saw how bad leadership and corruption is capable of consuming the entire security formation of a nation, capable of bringing down a nation without firing a single shot. It was before your eyes that a baby Boko Haram became a nightmare that is consuming our finest and promising officers and gallant men and women. We all know that you have the heart to fight but, you lack the wherewithal, you were sent to face the enemy with bare hands. In this technological age, you were given outdated firearms, machines, war jets, etc. simply because, some corrupt persons are buying expensive toys for their children and taking their wives to tour the world.

Talking about ill motivation, the world is not unaware of your condition of living, you live and raise your children in squalor known as barracks. Your women and children are the most poorest citizens that live like slaves, all because you choose a carrier to serve your country and humanity. You live a complete life of selflessness, yet you are underpaid, your salaries and entitlements are delayed and denied, you buy your uniforms, shoes, and you do same to your children in schools. You go to war without insurance or assurance, no medical provision, etc.

What magic will you do to be spirited over the enemy? These are theproducts of bad and poor leadership, your selflessness deserves a better reward, your mistakes cannot be termed as rebellious, for it is true that, garbage in garbage out. HERE WE ARE IN A MOMENT OF TRUTH, DO NOT BE TURNED

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