Lessons From My Joystick

lessons from my joystick

I’ve been too busy with video games that I’ve not been able to write a thing… this day; the 20th  of October 2015. I sit in my toilet to write.

I’ve been away from truth a long time and now I live the lie like the truth, life has caught up with death and the catastrophe it has created is the zombie.

I kept looking at my game controller to try and get a story out of it… I don’t know how much one can get out of life… But I know how much one can get out of the joystick. When you hold the joystick, you are the god of your fantasies. You turn your sim to a fantasy that you want to create in real life, you live it and you let it consume you. You turn your fortunes left and bring them back again.

Truth is, my game controller has taught me something. Life is not easy, but it is a function of what you make it look like. Every decision you take on your game controller alters the sim on the screen. Life is like a chess board game, you can decide to move without thinking of the consequences of moving… who knows it might be the right move… But life isn’t that dumb opponent on the other end of the board. Life will throw you an easy catch from the north and you take it down from the East and BAM!!! you are done… But then, you can take your time to think of every move before you make. Life’s game is not a game of checkers where it is compulsory to take down the available before you make a move…

I’ve talked about change a number of times and I’m not sure it applies in this. I read a book on persuasion, permit me to swirl a lil, Life’s game is about persuasion, how can you persuade the opponent to make a move to favor you?…  the game of persuasion is about offers, what do I want badly that I you can offer? Give a man his greatest needs or some of it and he’ll worship you like a deity…

Now the truth is that life wants you to throw in the small cards, Life is scared of the risk, it makes you feel the same. The real heroes are the ones that take the great risks… Richard Branson, building a commercial space shuttle… what the hell is that? Who the hell is going to pay to go to space for a view?… well, my answer is YOU!! You may not know it now but it’s the future… the bigger the risk the heavier the return…

Enough talk about risks… we hear that shit a lot.. on TV, the newspapers, the bookshops and damn, the library. Well, yeah… that’s right but poverty? We hear a lot more of it… choose what u want to hear tho.

Just a couple of mingled thoughts… But then play your life like a video game, with the wisdom of a great chess player, persuasion is the Joker of the wealthy, risks are the spice of good wealth… give yourself a break and have a drink, It’s no sin.


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