Religious Segregation

religious segragation

Let’s talk religious segregation, it’s something that’s everywhere; in our homes, schools, offices, name it. It’s almost as bad (if not worse) than racism. Basically, segregation is an act that fuels racism.

Segregation is the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart or The enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community or establishment.

So here’s the question, why segregate? We segregate due to class, age, behavior and other unreasonable reasons we have somewhere in our heads. I will focus on segregation as regards our religion which is the most volatile aspect of our lives. We all want to believe that the religion we have chosen (Most of us didn’t even get to choose, we follow a certain religion because we were born in to it)  is the right religion and by that we tend to hold some reservations in our mind and act in a funny way intentionally or non intentionally to someone with different belief.

Only very few people have learned to treat people as human beings first before any measure of difference is considered – gender, religion, race, color, country community, ethnicity, class, etc. Why hate a human being because his religious beliefs are not the same as yours?

It’s so bad that it exists among people of the same religion. Take Christians for instance, we have Catholics, Pentecostals, Adventists, and so on. A Catholic wants nothing to do with a Pentecostal, A Pentecostal and an Adventist don’t see eye to eye; then there’s the Jehovah’s witnesses, let me not get started on those ones. How can people who supposedly serve the same God but can’t stand each other, accept people from other religions?

You ask a “Christian” why he doesn’t like a Muslim, and he tells you Muslims are terrorists forgetting that there are Christian terrorists and Islam is a religion of peace -A few bad oranges don’t make the whole basket bad.


Then there’s the issue of Christians looking down on others, they have this “if you’re not a Christian, you’re inferior” mentality. Jesus Christ (the person you all follow), during his time on earth treated everyone equally and with love regardless of who they were or where they come from. So shouldn’t you who say you are trying to be like him do so as well?

Lets no even get into how Christians and Muslims look at Atheism, Buddhism, and the rest


Finally, God created us all, we are one humankind, we depend on each other for survival so we should learn to love each other. A person is not his religion, you can’t blame his mistakes on his god. The fact that he doesn’t share your views doesn’t make him evil, it just makes him someone who doesn’t share your views.

P.S Try listening to “Forgotten Promises” by Sami Yusuf.

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  1. A few bad oranges don’t make the whole basket bad? Really? A bad egg can cause the rest to go bad.Sorry, just feel your expression is ermm somehow

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