The future is NOW!

the future is now

I wonder why people let pride and selfish interest override their reasoning most times. I have learnt so much about life from spending twenty something years of it in this planet earth (who knows I might relocate soon, Mars maybe 😀 ).

I have had some part of this small life of mine smooth while some part had been far from smooth. I know what it feels like to be loved, understood, rejected, accepted, respected, disappointed, in pain, taken for granted and appreciated. I have lost, loved and still learning. My lifestyle strikes a little bit of surprise to my friends & acquaintances, especially the ones who have no idea of the struggles.

I have developed some character and perception that have helped and still helps me smile through life, even though I think I am almost where I want to be, (the dream keeps getting larger than I envisaged though) not like I planned any of it.

People expect you to live in a certain way. They expect you to have a certain figure in your bank account. They expect you to have a successful life and not forgetting to keep tabs on their own thing. Humans will always expect. However, how well you manage and prioritize all the expectations would determine how contented and happy your life would be.

I have heard people say something like, ‘I know how I want my life to be’, I know the exact kind of future I want to have’, ‘I want to be happy in life’ and I smile. Sweetheart, your life is now. Your clock is ticking. The future is now. The happiness starts now, it doesn’t start from when you get to a certain age. It rather starts from when you started knowing what wrong is from right.

I have learnt to make the best out of what I have at the moment, satisfy me, love and work harder while at it. Being content and getting rid of inferiority complex is the key to true happiness. Someone will always be richer, prettier, smarter, sexier, excess doze of awesomeness than I am, if I live my life comparing my achievement, looks and all with that of every Ajoke, Ada and Hauwa I come across, then It probably would be better I end my life.

Life is more about how happy you get to be while touching the lives of people around you. Life is all about loving and not letting yourself being trampled upon. I agree that sometimes we allow ourselves some pain because we love but learning when to let go and when to hold on to something or someone is very vital.

We don’t always get what we want from someone or something but the truth is we always always get something – a lesson, a push, a smile, a leap, there is always something to get out of every good and bad encounter. Don’t let yourself be carried away in the joy or pain of the moment, think deep, look deep enough, pick a lesson from both sides of the coin and be sure to use it in the next phase of life.

Lastly, never look down on anyone. Be nice, be cool, create boundaries, have principles, be humble while not letting go of your principles and be open minded. Life is full of surprises – Good or Bad, make good use of either. Remember, the future is now!

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