Dear Mercy Johnson, we’re not fools

mercy johnson

mercy johnsonThis Mercy Johnson’s article titled “why I boarded the train with the ordinary people” is very very annoying and quite disturbing to say the least.

The word “ordinary” is not my problem. Whether you see yourself as ordinary or not, that’s your well-priced business. I just hope a foot is added to your grave when you eventually die though.

What annoys me is how the political campaign team and the NollyWood actors have reduced us to something below idiots. Why do our leaders see us as fools though? When I saw her pictures on her IG page of her and her daughter in a train, trust me, I’m not that gullible, I didn’t think to applaud her for boarding a train, this is ‘fucken’ Nigeria where the rich can’t take trains and commercial buses because it isn’t comfortable. Do I blame them? No! If I can’t drive, I take cabs too when I want maximum comfort. That’s just how it works here, well, till the systems are better.

So in my head yeah, I felt the management paid her to join the train and encourage Nigerians on how safe it now is to use trains in Nigeria which of course I wouldn’t mind trying out real soon and I see no big deal in, she’s a brand and is worth every bit she earns. And then the next day I turned on my TV to see her campaigning for GEJ and I was like, ‘ok, it’s a political propaganda’, I’m happy for Mercy’s bank figures at the moment.

Dear Mercy, you sealed the deal already. You reminded us that this administration revived rail way. I agree but why? Why insult us with such article? Your media team or whatever team working with you on this one are the real fools here and not Nigerians. You all should stop feeding us with cheap articles. You want to play with our heads? Cool, that’s what politics and some part of life is all about but please be wise about it. Don’t use a level 1 mindset in trying to convince a level 10 mind. Stop this mediocre. We are not fools. No one asked you if your Range broke down or why you boarded a train and for your friends who think you did something wrong, just whisper to them how much richer you got and tell them you will move your two children and husband into that same train again if you get a double of such alert.

Thank you

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    1. Your point please? So we should agree to the degradation of the average Nigerian citizen for political gain? Or an insult to our intelligence? Or the reinforcement of class division? Just so we won’t be labelled as bad belle or whatever stupid term is spewed around these days. Or perhaps you meant to suggest something else and have failed in articulating yourself.

  1. Seriously, sometimes i wonder if we have the word FOOLS written on our forehead. it truly is disheartening to say the least

  2. Glad to see there are a good number of Nigerians who aren’t intellectually gullible infants. The moment I first saw mercy Johnson’s post it knew it was hogwash. Obvious by the excessive use of “reliable and efficient” in her wordings that it was a GEJ sponsored puppet show. And I was quite put off by her vanity, so eager to emphasise that she drives a “Range Rover Sport” (which she mentioned twice) and then labeling the non celebrity population as ordinary people, like she’s an exclusive limited range specie from God’s factory? Our stock of celebrities in naija are so saturated with vanity and mediocrity it’s no wonder most of our movies are still the same excruciating audiovisual dung piles they’ve been for decades. It is a pity that we are yet to have more than just a few Nollywood personalities with an IQ level beyond kindergarten stage. Just my two cents sha, no offence to Mercy J fans

  3. na wah oh. For 6 years Boko Haram was a menace, suddenly, 6 weeks to Elections, The Military start ‘winning’. For 6 years, no ‘Light’, ‘No Rail’, 6 weeks to Elections, Rail starts to work, PHCN is given billions- I thought it was already privatized. I have nothing against or for any politician but for the sake of keeping this country intact- lest we find out we have been sold to some western country afterall, the reserves are already dry, they might just put Nigeria on loan for America or Something.- I think we should all vote in someone else. Its a choice between two evils. But nothing is more evil than a clueless leadership.Mercy Johnson is like many other Nollywood characters who have gained financially from this administration. I have nothing against that but please and please the rest of us are not idiots- at least I want to believe so- because a Nigeria where stomach infrastructure is preferred to good roads and amenities- you never know and you just can’t tell!

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