Bum bum enlargement surgery gone wrong

bum bum enlargement

bum bum enlargementBum bum enlargement gone so wrong, apparently there is a contest in Brazil tagged Miss Bombom which is done to showcase the most beautiful and imposing behind of the country. All excesses are allowed and candidates generally use cosmetic surgery to win the first place. Andressa Urach, 27, thus resorted to plastic surgery in order to attain the perfect butt. However, the operation went wrong; instead of the big rear that she wanted, she ended up with a big headache.

Andressa was hospitalized for the second time when her buttock implants are said to have given her so much discomfort her family has to rush her to a hospital.

She spent several days in intensive care. Her leg muscles have literally rotten after putting the implants. If she was not taken to the hospital, she risked losing her leg in the best case, or her life in the worst.

Andressa Urach went through at least nine cosmetic surgeries over the past five years. Including: a nose job, a reduction of the jaw, breast augmentation, liposuction and reduced vaginal lips. To get the big derriere that she was looking for, she injected hydrogel and PMMA.

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