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The house

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SESAN…Couldn’t understand why the idiot was smiling. Was he thinking it was going to be easy and all of this trouble solved once we talked to Yemisi? And even if we did talk to Yemisi and she agreed, there was the matter of Uti…so it was a matter of a snake with two heads. So what was his stupid smile about? I scratched my beards.

So how una wan do am? Who go go follow Yemisi talk?“..Mickole asked with some sort of urgency in his voice. The alcohol craving I could tell. Wahidi was still more composed probably because he was the one going to be paying for the drinks and he wasn’t in a hurry to part with his cash.

Na all of us noni abi we wan dey select ourselves ni?“..Wahidi spoke up.

True we all should go but then again I kept thinking taking Blackky along would be bad for the deal but I wasn’t just about to say it to his face. I would have preferred having Bello around but then again where was Bello sef?.

Na all of us go go na abi shey she sef no go fear face ni?“..Blackky added his bit. Bode was still quiet, well maybe he was still trying to process the whole thing.

“Ok then, make we go konigba first go tint eyes then come back to see am“…Mickole was craving the alcohol badly..*sighs*

Guy cool down na, make we go see am now wey she dey house and compound free small“..I countered him. Business should always come before pleasure. Well at least in this case.

“Sesan, na true o we suppose go drink tint eyes before we go face that girl. I no even think say she dey house sef. I dey hear this morning when She and that she-hulk dey talk say they wan go make their hair“…Wahidi had crossed over to the other side o. Who was I to argue?.

Let’s go to konigba first, I need a drink too“…everyone turned to look at Bode’s face as he spoke. Bode needed a drink ke? Shii, something was definitely going on inside his head..BODE….I could literally see the surprise on their face when I said I needed a drink. They just couldn’t understand…I had made up my mind, I was going to negotiate with Yemisi half-heartedly. I was still going to stick to my own plan A which was getting a new apartment. It was better to just leave this house of drama than move from one to another each day.

Oya na, make we dey go“..Wahidi said as he got up and dusted himself. Sesan grabbed a shirt from the hanger on the wall and bent down to switch off the TV set and PlayStation console. Everyone started moving out, I was the last in line. I just dug my hands in my pocket and started thinking about my plans while they were all talking about something irrelevant as we moved on.

We were almost at the gate when a feminine voice boomed out from behind us.

You can’t greet abi?!“..The voice sounded kind of familiar though and we all turned around to see who it was. Damn, it was the landlord’s daughter who I had encountered on the very first day I moved here. Hadn’t seen her since then, Sesan said she had gone to Abuja for something. Whatever it was, menn it had totally helped her o because right now she was looking quite hot! The way her jeans and top stuck to her body like a second skin allowed ample assessment of her now perfect physique. We all took in a moment of silence before….

Haa my love is that you?!” ..Mickole bursted out from amongst us. He rushed to hug her which she accepted half-heartedly before she pushed him away.

Who is your love? Ehn, when was the last time you called me? You even get mind delete me from your bbm abi?! You, Micheal?“..She hissed.

Haa Baby no be so o, dem steal my phone ni“…Mickole put up an effort at self-defense.

Stella na true o, dem nearly steal am sef join the phone“..Wahidi joined in.

Ehen, dem for steal am join the phone na“..Stella hissed once more.

The guys moved closer to her and started laughing and appealing to her. I just stood, hands in my pocket waiting on them to finish ass kissing so we could go.SESAN…”See Stella, you know say na because of you Mickole come visit. He don ask me about one million times for your number, I just no give am. I dey wait make he con face you himself“…I didn’t even have baba landlord’s number not to even think of Stella but I had to join and help Mickole because menn seeing Stella now, I sef wouldn’t mind having a go o.

Ehn, come Sesan. Where you get my number from abi who you wan dey decieve?“…the way her lips moved ehn, it was giving me lovely thoughts.

Haaa see Stella o, you no know say Sesan papa dey work for NCC? He fit get anybody number anytime anyday“…Blackky just had to ruin everything.

“Huh, wetin be NCC?!“. Wahidi paused and asked as everyone turned to look at Blackky.

Ode ni e ni? Why you no go sabi wetin be NCC?“..Blackky fired angrily.

Shuu you don dey vex, no b question he asked ni“..Stella joined in the joke.

“One one thousand, you no sabi the meaning of NCC“..Wahidi ever ready to gamble, pulled out a one thousand naira note.

Wahidi, I use five hundred support. He no sabi the meaning“..Mickole joined his partner.

“Una dey mad abi? I no bet jor..if una like make una go die“..Blackky turned around and went to meet Bode and together they headed out of the compound as the rest of us bursted out laughing.

Wo Stella we go see you when we come back. We wan quickly go cool body, Oshamo“..Wahidi said as he hugged Stella.

“Stella, we go see jare..make we leave you and Mickole to una self“…I shook her hand as Wahidi and I took out leave.

Awon weyreh meji, dem dey go fuck ni straight“..Wahidi whispered to me.

Na me you wan tell ni? I don tell Mickole make he give that girl belle, him no wan dey hear word. He go just dull if Uti give the girl belle first“…

Uti dey fuck Stella ni?!“…Wahidi asked in shock

Sit down there so you no even dey hear all our gist this days Uti wey don dey plan how to inherit house once Baba Landlord kick bucket“..I muttered.

“Omo menn”…Wahidi said as he pushed the gate open just in time to see a taxi pulled up infront of us. Wait o, dem don come burst us? We paused in our strides expecting the worse till we saw two ladies pop out.

Heyy Sesan, what’s up?!” It was Seyi, I frowned a little

How are you, dear? Long time o“…I managed to transform the frown to a smile real quick when I saw the other lady. Damn! She was sexy ass fine and thick. Thick as in doggy thick with some massive boobs. The Chelsea jersey she had on was definitely enjoying some tight hug I wouldn’t mind sharing. And her leggings gave hint of some pretty firm thighs.

Na so. When last did you come and check on me? You even skipped our movie“..Seyi was waving her finger at me, my mind was elsewhere.

Sorry, we can still go see the movie anytime“…

Anyway, this is my friend Ibironke from abuja“…Seyi introduced the goddess like lady as she put a hand around her shoulders. Come o, make she sef no go be lesbian o. I fit vex kill person because of that.

Hello Ibironke, my name is Wahidi but you can call me Wayd“..ehn! I saw Wahidi stretch out a hand to shake.

Hi, nice to meet you“..chei, see lovely voice.

Una no go carry una load ni?!”..the taxi driver’s booming voice cut short the whole introduction.

Oh sorry sir”..Ibironke said as she turned to face the driver. That voice again… They unloaded two big boxes, oh boy seems she was going to be here for a long while o. I quickly booted back.

Leave them, we’d help you carry them inside“..I quickly offered.

No thank you, I’d be fine“..She replied with a smile.

Ha no, you are a guest here, we would help you“…see me see wahala. Wetin concern Wahidi for this matter now?

Thank you“..Ibironke smiled at Wahidi. The idiot smiled back. Seyi settled the taxi fare and led the way inside. She and Ibironke had walked a few paces in front when I turned to face Wahidi as we were lifting the bags which were heavier than they looked.

Wa, shey o ya weyreh?”…I whispered.

Wetin happen?“…he asked with a frown.

Better carry eye comot for the girl sharply o, na me wan go after am“…

Sho gbadun? No be Seyi you sabi ni abi no be two of us just meet the Ibironke?“..

Wahidi I dey warn you o, you know say na my room you dey sleep..I fit kill you for midnight o

Heheheheh, ode. I go go sleep Bello room. Oya kill yourself

Get sense na..the girl fit me“..

I no gree..we go do first to catch ni”…

I didn’t say anything as I heaved and lifted one of the bags on my shoulder and walked into the compound.

Wahidi wasn’t my problem number one, buy him a few bottles and its ok…Seyi right now was priority number one!

Written by BASS (Twitter – @olumiCFC )

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