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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 12. Written by @Le_Bouquineur he blogs at

So here I am, looking through the window of a hotel room located somewhere in the most ‘’southerly’’ state of the country. I have no academic endeavours to worry about, I’ve gone way past the level of being at the mercy of disgruntled uncompromising academicians, I don’t have to deal with the pressure of being on a reality TV show, and if Love was looking for me, she wouldn’t think of finding me here.

The walls and the view from the window provide me with something different from the thoughts of brawling legislators and terrible traffic. Sure, a little company along these sheets wouldn’t be out of place, but the prevailing solitude allows me to think, and the drizzling outside helps for a perfect atmosphere. My thoughts set off in flight motion, and they eventually arrive on somewhere they’ve been visiting for a couple of days. Yes, it’s the idea of a certain type of lady, the kind of girl I would like to call ‘’ The Paper Doll ’’. I use this label because it is the mildest way of aptly describing this kind of girl. The Paper Doll type of girl is one-dimensional like paper, with little to offer beyond the surface, and can hardly survive a serious test of character. Good to look at, play with and use to an extent, but ultimately serves you up with nothing beyond the face value, with only as much worth as a coin.

The Paper Doll can be found in every corner of the active population, from the office to the shopping mall to the lecture hall to the conference centres and even the church choirs. What sets her apart is her seeming sense of class on the surface level, which makes you want to stare more times than one. Easy on the eye, and well aware of that fact, she inspires all kinds of ideas in previously idle heads, and could ultimately influence your actions for that prevailing passage of time. But a doll can only interest us for so long, and with time you wish you could get back the minutes (or weeks) of your life spent ogling and thinking (if you are not shallow, that is). Nurture her, add colour to her life, shape her up, and in the end you will find out that there’s not much you can do for a lady whose personality and character can be likened to a lifeless doll.

The Paper Doll is usually of the opinion that all there is to being a lady is hair, lip gloss, a firm bust, and a well-shaped ‘’gluteus maximus’’. Spending over half her life in narcissistic adoration, she sets up mirrors in every angle of her visual scope and grimaces when one strand of her hairdo goes out of position. She fails to appreciate the fine line between compliments and flattery, and lives for being the focus of all eyes within radius. Having no one to thank but herself for her assets, she takes self-portraits at all sorts of locations ranging from ATM stands to toilets, and is not scared to rub it in the face of those who are not as “eye-warming”.

With little to offer in terms of ideas, she can be compared to a moving plastic floating about in high-heeled shoes and a handbag. Indeed when you look closely, there is not much that exists to distinguish her from a life-size doll. Excitement caused by what your eyes behold soon develops into disappointment when your ears meet what her mouth spews out. You discover that so much attention has been paid to her outer shell that the intellectual aspect of her being has suffered great neglect. Her basic communication skills, application of not-so-common sense to simple situations and understanding of expressions leave much to be desired. She can’t contribute meaningfully to conversations since her level of mental development won’t provide for that. A detailed survey of wherever she is found (from hospitals to corporate establishments) would show that she only serves as eye candy, since she can offer little more. For her, it’s matter over mind.

It has never really been a crime to flaunt what you got, but even she finds it difficult to go about this in a respectable way. She chooses to join the bandwagon of the prevailing fashion trend, with little regard to her body structure or even her comfort, and she ends up being a fashion victim. Her quest to remain in centre stage causes her to create an odd combination of colours which when assessed alongside her complexion, gets us staring, but in derision rather than admiration. The Paper Doll is the kind who has problems knowing what to wear to where, yea, attending a dinner while clad in a dress which gets her searching for newspapers to place over her thighs, or getting on a bus in a loose pair of trousers knowing she stepped out of her house devoid of underpants. She lives this way, failing to realize that she will never be seen for anything beyond eye shadows, legs and (possible) implants.

She hardly ever knows what she wants, but is nonetheless voracious and insatiable in her misguided cravings. It’s all about the spotlight for Miss Paper Doll, and since money is what shines up the plastic frame, she goes to any length to keep her account balance healthy, and doesn’t mind having to digest two joysticks at the same time. She can’t recognize true friendship when she sees it, brushing aside anyone who won’t assist her in staying ‘’classy’’ (which translates to trashy when you dare move beyond the surface). Armed with a myopic perspective of life, she mostly surrounds herself with other dolls, and such a circle is found to be familiar with lots of gossip and jealousy. She ordinarily won’t attract those in search for true value, and even when you accidentally get shot by Cupid (confusing her spiteful attitude with coyness), you get to realize soon enough that what you loved was not her, but actually the thought of her.

There are those who bring up the argument of whether you would want to choose Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala over Kim Kardashian, and in response to that, I would love to add that true beauty radiates from within. For the ladies out there who have chosen books over silicon, I don’t think I’m the only one who finds intelligence really sexy. You out there, be proud of your goggles and dull nail polish, be yourself, be sure that you’ll only get people with an eye for true worth around you, and let no Paper Doll kill your vibe.

Jerry Chiemeke, Twitter – @Le_Bouquineur

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