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#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – Day 13. Written by @immune70

All that bullcrap about being born gay, God making one with such sexual preference is just what it is “bullcrap”. I ain’t against what one choose to sleep with but saying GOD made you that way!!! Now that’s ludicrous. One starts to have such desire for the same sex either by association, being lured into it, from what one reads or sees when still naïve or for the love of money. I have lots of friends that are gay and I’m about to share the stories of some.

PAULI’m a homosexual. I’ve been one since I was eleven. Now I’m 40 and I’m still single. Let me take you all to how it all began. When I was 5 years old me and my friends came across an adult movie our parents stashed somewhere and in our naiveté we tried it on ourselves when the girls refused to let us touch them. All we did was kiss and touch then try to penetrate each other with our private parts, since we didn’t see any other hole to put it in. We didn’t see anything wrong with what we were doing and we stopped when we were caught by one of my friend’s uncle who gave us the beating of our lives. We forgot about that then 3 years later, I was sent to stay with my aunt because we had financial issues at home.

My aunt enrolled me into a primary school and life went on. My aunt was divorced and all her kids were in America so basically I was always alone except for her only tenant who also stays alone in the boys’ quarters. We call him brother. I don’t know much about him except that he’s a student in the university that was close to my aunt’s house. He was always kind to me, giving me money and always quick to touch my cheeks and call me ‘fine boy’. I liked him because he was so nice to me and I didn’t think anything else was attached to it. The funny thing I noticed about him was that he acts like a girl but I didn’t think much of it.

First it started with him inviting me in to watch cartoons when my aunt wasn’t around. And if no light he’s always ready to play games with me then when it’s time to go home he’ll smack my bum or hug me and tell me to kiss him. At first I use to shake my head shyly refusing to but he always promised giving me goodies so I’ll innocently kiss him on the cheek, and I’ll be rewarded with money or sweet. Then one day I slept off at his place on his couch. I dreamt I was urinating and it felt so so good. Just then I woke up and saw brother sucking my cock. I was shocked and tried getting up but he held me down while playing with my nipples. The sensation was so good mingled with fear and I’ve never felt anything like that before. I told him I wanted to pee and he said no problem I should pee in his mouth and so I did. I was so scared and my heart was racing then I felt weak and went back to sleep and he whispered ‘now that’s a good boy’ into my ears. I woke up and there was a fine remote control sport car at the table. I looked at the brother and he nod his head saying it’s for me. I had decided within me to stop playing with the brother because at that moment I hated him but didn’t know why I did.

Seeing the sports car melted my heart and I ran towards him to thank him and he hugged me and licked my ears. I felt that sweet sensation again and my private part stood to attention and when the brother noticed it he fondled it lovingly and kissed my nose. He begged me not to tell my aunt what transpired that day and it should be our little secret. That was how I was converted. From then on we started doing things until finally we had anal sex.  I couldn’t walk well for days or sit down properly and when my aunt asked I told her what the brother said I should say  “I was flogged on my bottom by my teacher for fighting in school” From then on there was no stopping me. I’m 40 now, single and still gay.

EmekaMy mum gave birth to 5 boys. I was the Fifth son. I guess my mum was disappointed that I wasn’t a girl and she tried to turn me into me. She dressed me as one, braided my hair bought me Barbie dolls and before long I started acting like one. I never had a girlfriend although I had lots of girls as friends but though I had feelings for girls but never had the guts to ask any out and I remained a virgin till I got into the university. There I noticed some group of guys always loved hanging out with me and that’s how I became gay.

FeliciaI became a lesbian when I was sent to a boarding school in Jss1. My school mum was the one who took me into the world of lesbianism and even though I’m married now it’s hard for me to quit.

Now there you go. There is a lesson to learn especially for parents. Be really vigilant when it comes to your children. Be careful who you leave them with, watch what they read, the kind of movies they see. And even the music they listen to. May GOD help us all

Da goddess. Twitter – @immune70

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  1. May God help us o. This kind world we are leaving in. Men having sex with men, women having sex with women and some churches marrying them like it’s no big deal

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