Killing Christine



It had coursed through him a few minutes ago. Flowing through his veins like a life force. Seeing her hug Ralph had done this to him. She had insisted he was just a friend but then…

He stared down at the woman he held in his arms, her eyes staring up at him…sightless…eyes that he had loved to look into. Beautiful brown eyes. He remembered how alight with laughter they always were even when she was serious, how they crinkled by the corners when she smiled…her smile, heavenly. Every time she smiled his heart missed a beat. He did foolish things just to make her smile. He teased her about it, how she had mesmerized him with it. He looked down at her lips. It wasn’t smiling anymore. It was open in an awkward angle… her tongue peeking out…her tongue, he remembered the feel of it against his…exploring, searching.

He felt the warm liquid on his arm. He looked to see what it was. Blood, trailing down his arm from her head, seeping into the white carpet…the beautiful white carpet that she had picked herself. He remembered how she had been like a little girl when they had seen it. It would be in the living room she had said. They would make love over and over on it till it was no longer white. He had stared at her in mock horror and she had kissed him in full public glare and skipped away to pay for it. He looked at the carpet and in his mind’s eye he saw her…and him. Melding together, bodies yearning, giving and taking. He had never felt that way with any other woman. She had completed him.

He looked at her once again in his arms…the hate slowly slipped away. He wanted to kiss her, to hold her close and tell her to come back…’Christine’…he choked

‘…Cut! What the hell is wrong with you David? You were supposed to just hold her in that position immobile. This is the third time I am saying this, THERE IS NO SCRIPT FOR THIS PART. Just hold her’, the director yelled at him.

The woman in his arms stood up, looked at him and hissed in disgust before walking away. She wasn’t Christine.

‘Let’s stop here for today. Maybe tomorrow will be better and David, you better get your act right…’

He wasn’t listening anymore. He hurried away from the director with only one thought …seeing Christine and telling her how much he loved her…

Written by Chioma ejide

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