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Dayo lifted her up and placed her ass on the ten foot wide solid oak brown desk. He pushed off any papers on it, gently pushed Eva down to have her lay of her back and proceeded to lay on top of the beautiful woman. Eva was helpless as the man who weighed roughly a hundred pounds more than her pressed his body on top of hers. Dayo moved her arms away from her body and locked his hands with hers. He positioned his legs between hers and pushed them apart. Then he started to press his mouth on hers with a very wet and very hot kiss that caused Eva to give up trying to free herself from Dayo’s grip.Dayo loved how her lips meshed with his, loved the scent of her perfume, and loved how her body felt pinned against his. He freed his right hand that grasped her left hand and placed it along her lower left leg and slowly moved it up. Moaning, Eva used the now freed left hand and placed it around his neck. Her moans were increasing as his right hand made all the way to her ass.“Wait,” Eva blurted out before Dayo could pull down her panties. “If we’re going to do this, let’s do this right. After all, I am the boss here.”She managed to get off the desk and walked over to close her office door and locked it. She turned around to look at Dayo, pointed her right index finger at him and motioned him to walk over to her. Obeying her, Dayo made it over to Eva who was standing in front of her office door. She held her right hand out, making him stop, and then began to unbuckle his pants.After getting the belt undone and zipper free, Eva slid his pants off and grabbed his eight inch long throbbing cock that pitched out of his boxer shorts.“Who is in control now?” She said.“You are,” Dayo responded.“Good. Now that we’ve made that clear, get those boxers off and take your shirt off,” Eva stated.He obliged, to a certain extent. Eva continued to stroke his long cock but after a few minutes of this, Dayo got her hands off his cock and pinned her against the office door. He ripped her panties off in one quick move and resumed kissing her passionately. He thrust his cock towards her pussy, which was wet from all the action that transpired in the office, and playfully taunted her by asking “Who was in control now?”The two naked lovers went to work on each other’s bodies. Dayo resumed pressing his body against Eva’s, pinning her to the door as they engulfed in a hot steamy kiss. He reached down to lift her up and positioned her to where his cock could insert itself into her pussy with ease. Locked in, he began to pound her against the door with deep repeated thrusts into her cunt. She screamed, begging for more and begging for a new position. “Take me to the couch,” she said. For the first time, Dayo noticed the two-piece sectional leather couch in the corner and carried her over there.As he laid her down on the couch, Eva stated “Now give your baby mama the kind of fucking good experience that she deserves.””Yes ma’am.”The combination of the fine leather couch, the naked, ultra-sexy and beautiful female in front of him, and a greater appreciation of the moment made Dayo take a gentle and sensual approach to pleasuring Eva instead of the intense rough approach he initiated earlier. Their bodies molded together as they maneuvered to find the right comfortable spot on the couch. Once they found that spot, the intimacy slowly built up as they kissed and thrusted their bodies against each other.As the intensity of the intimacy grew, Eva felt a massive orgasm coming on. She clinched her teeth and wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Dayo before letting loose with a loud scream as she climaxed.”Dayo” she breathed, as she came down from the pressure of her orgasm. He looked down at her, his breathing raged and unsteady. Leaning down, he kissed her, roughly and intensely. Letting out all the pent up emotions.As he re-positioned himself between her, he murmed her name before thrusting in again.

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  1. Haba na admin…. This is just one scene and u didn’t even finish it ooo… Its to short… Well thumbs up to u tho

  2. Haba admin… This episode is rather to short… It only consist of one scene… Abeg help us out na buh u good #ThumbsUp #BlessUp

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