The Number 1 Question Ladies Hate Men Asking

The Number 1 Questions Ladies Hate Men Asking - elsieisy blog

Fortunately, I have very interesting Facebook friends and they play their own fair role in inspiring some of my posts here and my radio show topics. Sometimes, I lift their piece to share here because they make sense.

This time, my focus is on Ugonna Ufere’s wall. He is a married man who is followed by ‘battalions of women’ as they are fondly called by passers-by like myself.

He did a post on his wall with the image above, asking women what the number one question they hate being asked by men is and the rest was history.

Of all the questions dropped, I think the most annoying one for me has to be, ‘how many boyfriends have you had? and the body count question. I mean…how is that your business and how does it affect your purpose in my life?

Here are the questions and with 263 comments, you bet all the listed questions were mentioned more than ones:

How many are you in your family? (From someone asking me out)What do you do for a living???? (Meanwhile we just met)How old are you?#StupidQuestionsMenAsk You are very beautiful but why are you still single? Click To TweetWhat do you do for a living?What’s your body count? (Abi na how many body count, forgotten how the question is phrased sef)I hate it when men ask me the one question I hate men to ask me. (This one is definitely confused).So, why are you still single?#StupidQuestionsMenAsk Are you a virgin? Click To TweetTell me more about yourself. (Especially from Facebook friends it’s annoying to me)When was the last time you did it? (Did what biko?)How long have you been working?Have you eaten?#StupidQuestionsMenAsk Do you stay alone? Click To TweetDon’t you know you are a Woman?Are you a Feminist?Has anyone told you are such an angel to behold?Hubby asking me how much money I need! (msheew…I be like one billion)What colour of pant you have on?When was the last time you had sex?How was your night?Are you in a relationship?#StupidQuestionsMenAsk How many boyfriends have you had? Click To TweetHave you had an abortion?Are you choosy?So is this your real hair? (Yes I paid for it and you can’t afford to.)Do you love sex?#StupidQuestionsMenAsk Can you cook? Click To TweetAre you a graduate?Have we met before?Do you have a gold card?Why are you divorced?#StupidQuestionsMenAsk How many relationships have you had? Click To TweetWhat does your father do?Are you a model?#StupidQuestionsMenAsk Are you really married? Click To TweetWhy are you not married?Can I come lay with you?

As funny and petty as they all sound, a man slipped into the women party to drop this comment and it is spot on! for me

No matter how grotesquely sounding the question is, it’d be like a sweet smelling scent as long as the lady admires or trips for the guy. Forget the myriads of reactions or responses you get here. They are only for the unfortunate dudes they do not fancy!

Well, what do you say? Share your thoughts and that very annoying question they missed in the comment box below. (Also use the tweet prompts above to share the conversation with your network)

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  1. Honestly,men can so ask stupid questions.. They’ve asked me questions like,”Are ur boobs real? “What did u eat tonyt?” “Send more pictures hun. I wanna see all of u” (as if one picture isn’t enuf) “Are u a member of osun state?” “Are u a member of pinpals?” (And that one got my number frm pin pals). And there are just some that just assume they know everything abt u frm ur dp”

    1. Member of Osun state? LMAO!\n\nYou wont blame them for the boobs question though…Plenty fake boobs and ass around. LOL\n\nThanks for stopping by

  2. I swear this post is hilarious! I get most of this stupid questions from guys but since I’m the queen of Sarcasm I always have an epic response!

  3. He was like do u love s*x?, do u know how 2 cook?, how many pple hav u had s*x with?….sombori pour me water, I aff die….#DatzDheightOfStupidity

  4. Lol, true what that dude said though… The questions would only be stupid if she doesn’t like you or she is really mad at you.often times, we ladies would have answered the questions before we “realise” how annoying the question is.

    1. True. That was why i had to add that part. \n\nHis comments summed it all up for me

  5. honestly, I’ve always wondered what would happen the first time I tried IT if the woman wasn’t in the mood. I’ve learnt a lot on how to make them cum but now I know that the day I quit being a geek and finally get laid it’ll be her job just as well as mine to get her cummimg, and I’ll make that clear to her. now all my worries are over.

  6. Some men can ask some lame questions eehhh. Especially when it comes to that part where they ask your relationship status and you say you’re single then they’d even argue and say it’s lie, how can a beautiful lady like you be single? I’m like, brother so why did you ask if you know you’d end up doubting?

    1. I wonder why people ask questions when they have their own truth already.\n\nThanks Lawlarh

  7. the way some guys dey ask the questions sef… and all i keep wondering is what exactly they do with info. maybe we should flip the script and start asking them king of stupid questions like are you a boxer or a pant guy? How long is your kini? maybe they will repent and stop asking

  8. The female folks are all out for this thread. Am coming for y’all soon………WATCHOUT

  9. Hmmmm…. Jez like the writer said, I can tolerate some of these questions if I like the guy ooo… But if I don’t, the questions will sound so annoying to me and my response alone will drive the guy away… Lolz. I no know whether they don turn cid’s with their yeye questions.

  10. Guys this things goes both ways, have had ladies ask me. Why are u single? As handsome as u are. Are u really single? What’s ur plan? Are u planning on getting marry anytime soon? What do u do? Where are u from? So are u really single? How big is ur baby maker? What position do u enjoy the most? This, that, blah blah blah!

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