How to Grow Balls

Hey Elsians,

How are you doing? Last Friday, there was a gist on TNS about Ghollywood Actress, Yvonne Okoro, blaming her being single on the fact that Men don’t have balls.

According to Okoro; ‘The issue is men don’t have balls to come forward to ask me out because they think I am already hooked or perhaps I am very high maintenance.

You see ehn, fine, hot and intelligent ladies like myself (please allow me blow my trumpet by myself), have earned the right to use the exact words she used in the sentence above. Most men do not really have balls neither do they have what it takes to handle beautiful intelligent women. They either assume you already have many suitors or you are high maintenance.

They assume your DM looks like thisFine girls DM assumption

While the reality of your DM is thisFine girls DM reality

Today, I will be really nice to teach you how to grow some balls as a man.

PS: This does not mean you should constitute nuisance o. Just make a move and stop assuming. If you never ask, your answer will constantly remain NO. and if she doesn’t dig you, she just doesn’t dig you. Move on!

Talk to SELF

Courage is needed to overcome disappearing balls. You should look in the mirror and say these words to yourself (For 1 week at least):

I am man enough

I am not intimidated by a woman’s success because she is human and should succeed

I can love a beautiful successful woman

I loose myself from every spirit of contaminated brain and entitlement

I bind every spirit of jealousy.

I do not have to be richer than my wife neither do I have to be older.

I am born to be a man not an oppressor or dictator.

I have the capacity to be humane and reasonable

I am a husband man

(If you need more, then holla at me for proper deliverance session *winks)


Now I don’t mean for you to go all CID on the babe or hire SSS to give you all her personal details in life. No! I mean, if you are going to ask a girl out, especially by sliding into her DM, then it is only fair you try to find out all there is to know about her already, in public domain. Things as simple as her name, what she does, her hobbies, her faith, her interest, career growth and more can be found on social media if you are patient enough. Don’t go into a DM of someone you claim to want more from, acting all dumb and sluggish. That’s a turn off and simply means you really have nothing to offer neither are you interested in her being. It show you are only interested in the fine photos you see on social media. (That reminds me, I need a high quality camera phone mahn!)

Strike a balance

Because you have not seen her before or have not really had a proper conversation with her, you both do not understand your type of communication yet. It’s not same for everybody but for most. Strike a balance between your jokes and seriousness. Don’t try to be next Bovi in her DM. Just take it easy and flow. Don’t allow pressure ruin your game.  Do not be too quick to have all the conversations in the DM. Ask her out on a date…Movie date works pretty cool. But make sure your timing gives room for an hour or two chitchat after the movie. That way you can start conversations from the movie seen to other areas of interest. Just enjoy the date.

Be Real

Don’t change who you are to get a lady. The intelligent ones will always see through your pretence. Keep it 100% real. If y’all are going to vibe, it will happen. Being fake assures nasty breakup in the not so far future.


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