#ShortStory – A Friend Who Wasn’t

#ShortStory - A Friend Who Wasn't - elsieisy blog

By Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

Itoro and Meche were engrossed in a game of chess when Boku stepped into the sitting room. She walked straight to them and tapped Itoro on his head.”Since when? How dare you touch my head? Don’t you have titled men in your village?””Which head? The one that permanently resides between my thighs?””Do you realise you are embarrassing me in the presence of my friend?”She broke into a delirious laughter that ended in a long hiss and eyed Meche murderously.”Ehm… Itoro, I have to take my leave now.””Useless thing! Leave!! He-goat!!!””Stop this madness before…””I will not stop until this shameless dog you call friend stop toasting me. Or is it what you do, sharing girlfriends?”Silence fell.”What? You again?””Ehm, ehm, it is ehm not what you think. It was only a test.””A test? Meche, test? Oh, you want to taste this one too! You that I know! Get out before somebody ends up in an ICU!”He rushed out of the ajar door as Itoro advanced menacingly towards him. Itoro shut the door with a bang and turned.”I’m sorry baby.””I am really sorry too, but not for touching your head o, unless I have to stop touching it in the other room too.””C’mon, that was just a show for that fool”, grinning he continued, “you know I love it when you rub my head while I nimble at your nipple or when heading you.””I love you”, Boku cooed.”I adore and cherish you”Smiling, they walked into each other’s embrace.©Alozor Michael Ikechukwu.

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  1. Lolzz, so short… Friend who wasn’t indeed.. Pretending before us and stabbing behind.

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