Complexity and simplicity of building relationships in 21st century

Complexity and simplicity of building relationships in 21st century - elsieisy blog

Some people say that the current tendencies have an extremely high impact on human relationships. Another claim that times are always the same and our behavior never changes. However, some of us may have heard from the elders that younger generation face with different problems in finding love. You may wonder how that is possible, as today we possess a variety of technologies that make our lives easier; revolutionary ideas make us more humane day by day. Nevertheless, these improvements are our bliss and curse at the same time.


A free access to information from all over the world is surely the most significant achievement of the last decades. Internet’s one thousands of ways for dating. The hundreds of dating sites connect unknown people from different corners of the Earth. Social networks and chat services provide a non-stop informational exchange. Isn’t it a perfect surrounding for finding love? Yes, it definitely is.

However, there is still few small unpleasant moments about it. Undoubtedly, the first is safety. Internet is full of frauds, stalkers, and other types of liars and freaks. Therefore, many people are afraid of trying internet dating even once.

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The second problem is a lack of mystery. Today our profiles demonstrate literally every single aspect of our lives, primarily our tastes and lifestyle. You may think we are the dreamers, but it kills the intrigue. Moreover, once we have met a person somewhere else, only one look at his or her profile is enough to destroy feelings (sometimes it is really for the better).

Finally, it is about disappointment. We all try to be better and more attractive in the web, but our fantasy usually plays cruel games with us. Thus, don’t expect your date to be perfect when you have distant relationships.


Gender Attitude

The end of the XX century and the last decade was extremely positive for gender equality establishment. In fact, there’s much left to improve. However, some people absolutely decline these new norms. It causes a certain stress in our society. Some of us desperately fight for rights, aspire to transmit new ideology of respect to their children. The others are stuck in the Stone Age, unfortunately. Some men still follow double standards about women, which definitely creates sick atmosphere for building relationships.


Obsession with Ambitions

Due to the incredible progress of technologies, the population of the Earth has increased in seven times since the 1900. People now don’t have to fight for survival, we don’t live in caves and dugout houses, we are provided with excellent medical service. It is perfect to live in the XXI century, because we have everything to maintain a long happy life. Therefore, we spend most of our time for self-fulfillment, which is great at some point.

But today, we do not care about the procreation anymore. There are too many of us. Well-educated people refuse of serious relationships and having kids. The approach to giving a new life has changed completely. If we want to create a family, we should stand on our own two feet. Before you know it, you’re already under 50, you want to be loved anyway, but the older you are, the more you regret about focusing on your ambitions in the past. It is especially painful for women because of conception complication. We know that it is never too late, but youth is created for living wild and free.

In addition, there is too much routine we face with every day. The usual rhythm of our lives is so fast we cannot allow time for going on a date. We are so stressed that we are afraid of commitments and always look for a trick.

Anyway, our task is to accept this world as it is, because we only live once.

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